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Shackets Are the New Fall Trend

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This outfit is to die for!

This outfit is to die for!

Shackets Are the New Trend

As we relish each and every moment of summer, elusive signs point to the fact that layering season is nearby.

Undoubtedly, a wardrobe upgrade is a must, especially for winter! Having said that, a new wardrobe essential for winters has already made its way into our closet and our hearts — the shacket!

Shackets will spice up your wardrobe.

Shackets will spice up your wardrobe.

Wait, What Is a Shacket?

The term "shacket" has been in Vogue recently, but no need to over-intellectualize.

Shackets are fundamentally; the combination of a shirt and a jacket. Shackets are a hybrid fashion piece characterized by their oversized look and fit.

They are super easy to layer with and can be worn with any outfit for that preeminent look. They are usually a kind of button-down men’s overshirt with long sleeves and warm lining. It is usually a little bit longer and heavier than a regular shirt, with pockets mainly on the outside. With various fabric blends available such as wool, denim, plaid, checked patterns, neutral solids, bold neon, and even leather, they are one of those clothing pieces that you can get in various styles.

With their increasing acceptance globally, designers are implementing many ways to style this hybrid fashion item for the upcoming autumn/winter season. They are becoming the latest trend bubbling up everywhere.

Why Wear a Shacket?

There is perhaps no other outfit than shacket that better summarizes the idea of staying comfortable during the transition between seasons. It is presently our favorite summer-to-fall outerwear piece; (my sincere apologies to the denim jacket)!

Shackets are heavier than your regular shirt but more sheer and thin than your usual winter coat; therefore, it is appropriate to wear them with an overcoat or turtleneck.

The prevalent thick wool and leather blends make them perfect for rough falls or extreme winters. Whereas a nylon and cotton blend shacket is an ideal pick for the rainy season. In the summers, try a linen shacket with a midi dress.

The lightweight fabric construction is just flawless for warm days and a contemporary twist to the classic attire. Similarly, adding the layer of an overshirt jacket over a tank top will elevate your style instantly.

All these factors make shackets an all-season fashion item. Moreover, you can wear anything under a shacket, from a blazer to a t-shirt. From playful motifs and pops of color to soft and muted pastels, they add an ultimate dash of glamour to any ensemble.

If you want to experiment with something edgy and exciting yet remain professional, shackets are your go-to outfit.

Are there different Types Of Shackets?


Women’s shackets come in all shapes and sizes. From light and overlapped to lined and textured, there is always one available for every occasion.

You can't go wrong with plaid.

You can't go wrong with plaid.

Plaid Shackets

If you are looking for a more minimalist look this season, plaid shackets are your thing.

You can find plaid patterns in an assortment of designs and patterns. From old-style tartans and classic checks to attractive tattersall- plaid shackets will add an autumnal aesthetic to your outfit.

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Choose details like sherpa-lined Corduroy collars and raw-edge hems for that superfluous edge, or for that chic style, pick a classic checker and wear it with a dress.

Who doesn't love oversized clothing?

Who doesn't love oversized clothing?

Oversized Shackets

When talking about shackets, getting boxy and big fits is a top priority. An oversized shacket that easily layers over sweaters.

Search for long, loose fleece shackets that drape effortlessly over dresses and surging silhouettes. Extra style points for loose shackets as they add a perfect dimension to those tight-fitted silhouettes.

No matter your style mantra, with a considerable fit, a shacket is the fall layering essential.

Fall is flannel season!

Fall is flannel season!

Flannel Shackets

Flannel shackets are the perfect solution for all your unplanned layering needs. Embrace your comfiest soft pastel flannel shacket on a rainy day for that lazy and cozy vibes.

It's easy enough to wear them together with your most casual outfits; however, flannel shackets also can be dressed up with high-waisted shorts, a loose t-shirt, and ankle-length boots.

Look how fabulous she looks!

Look how fabulous she looks!

How to Style a Shacket

Still wondering how to wear a shacket?

Well, you can wear a shacket with practically anything and everything. With the variation in hues, textures, prints, and silhouettes, you have a plethora of style options with a shacket.

Here are a few options:

  • Wear your shacket with a cute plaid skirt, and your favourite sneakers. I love how the shacket offers that kind of androcentric vibe to any cute girl outfit.
  • If you didn’t know yet: flare pants are ‘back in the game.’ Pair them with a neutral-toned shacket to finish the look
  • Team up your shacket with a pair of ripped jeans for that casual, off-duty vibe!
  • And last but not the least, this one is my fav! Wear your favorite shacket over a t-shirt dress. An all-time classic!
  • From powerful prints, color pops to soft neutrals; this season include an array of shackets in your closet to level up your style quotient.

Are you all set to ace the skill of layering with a shacket?

Flare pants look amazing paired with a shacket.

Flare pants look amazing paired with a shacket.

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Prachi Srivastava (author) from India on September 14, 2021:

Indeed...It is!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on September 14, 2021:

Interesting trend.

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