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How Much Should You Tip a Lash Tech?

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Appreciate your lash tech the right way with a nice tip!

Appreciate your lash tech the right way with a nice tip!

Tipping Lash Technicians

If you are heading to an eyelash appointment, you rely on an eyelash technician to deliver a stunning end result. When you sit down to go through the process, though, it is very important that you understand the complexity of the process.

Many who have never carried out an eyelash cosmetic adjustment will likely not realize just how much work and effort go into this process. As such, at the end of your service, it is likely that you should look to tip your technician. Are you wondering, though, how much to tip last tech specialists?

Then you are not alone. We have put together a simple explanation below to help you get a rough idea of how much you should tip for eyelash tech. This should help you to work out when (or if) you should go ahead with the tipping process.

The Cost of Eyelash Techniques Can Be a Surprise

One of the many reasons someone might choose not to leave a tip for their eyelash technician is the cost. These are not cheap processes, and some see them as overpriced for what they actually get back in return. However, this salon service comes with a huge amount of training and time put in by the specialist providing the service.

While you might not fully appreciate the challenge of the task itself, you can appreciate the results it creates. With that in mind, you should always feel comfortable leaving a tip for the person carrying out your service.

You might be surprised at the cost of the treatment, and thus you might begrudge paying a bit extra on top in terms of a tip. However, we highly recommend that you look to add on a tip to any eyelash service that you undergo.

Given you might live in a place where tipping is not really a cultural ‘thing,’ you might assume that you can simply ignore any requests for a tip. And while you could, it is not something that we would really recommend. When you are looking to make a choice on tipping for a specialist service, you should always look to go on the side of leaving a tip.

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You might think the price overall is expensive, but this is a service that you have chosen to receive. The least you can do is give a little back to the individual delivering your service.

How Much to Tip Lash Tech Specialists

There is no right or wrong answer, per se, but if you do choose to go down the route of tipping, then the industry standard is set in stone. For the most part, you should be looking at something in the region 20% to 25% of the cost of the service itself. You might balk at that, but it’s a fair rate to add on – especially given most salons are always happy to go the extra mile even for the most minuscule of adjustments.

Try and keep in mind that while every specialist will do their best to leave a quality finish, a tip builds a personal rapport. Just as we all do, those who feel a personal connection with you are far more likely to give it that extra 5% in terms of effort. It also makes it easier to ask for more minor changes and adjustments if you feel like something was not quite right with the eyelash tech.

With that in mind, you should always look to add on around 20 to 25% of your cost of the process. That is a good enough tip to be received in glowingly positive terms by the specialist. It will also ensure that you are giving over a good enough tip to help provide the specialist with even more incentive to deliver an A+ service in the future.

If you intend to go for eyelash tech, then you should definitely be prepared to tip. Cosmetic changes will often cost you a fair amount when it comes to things like tipping, so just try to keep that in mind as you go about the tipping process overall. The sooner you understand this, the less likely you are to be shocked when you are asked to pay a little extra on top as a tip.

If you want to look good, then you often need to pay for it. A little tip on top of your initial cost, then, makes a very wise choice indeed to ensure you get the best quality and end result.

This process takes a lot of time and dedication.

This process takes a lot of time and dedication.

Alternatives to Tipping

Remember that tipping doesn't have to be monetary necessarily. You can provide a gift as an appreciation of your thanks, whether it is a bottle of wine or some chocolates. Sometimes even a written letter or card is all that is needed to show your appreciation. As the saying goes, it's the thought that counts.

Ultimately, though it is down to you as to whether you want to tip or not, there's no pressure either way. If you feel that your lash tech has done a good job and they have gone above and beyond for you to make sure that you're happy with the service that you got, then that's as good a reason as any. Whether it's a professional or even personal reason that you want to tip, that's up to you. As we say, usually, you add around 20% to a tip. Still, unlike when you go to a restaurant or even have a taxi lift, there's not generally a societal and cultural expectation that you do provide a tip. If you do offer a tip, you're likely to be one of only a few of their clientele that does.

Let us know if you tip your lash technician, and if so, how much and why? Do you provide any other alternative gifts, or is it something you just don't do? We'd love to hear more, and you can share your thoughts in the comments section below; we're looking forward to hearing it.

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