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Makeup Organization: How to Organize Makeup Palettes


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Makeup Palette Organization

If you’re trying to determine the perfect way to organize your palettes, you need to keep in mind that those makeup organization tips are going to be different than tips to organize eyeshadow singles. This is because palettes are larger. They don’t conveniently fit in a lot of makeup organizers. If you have more than a few eyeshadow palettes, you need makeup organization techniques that can handle that many palettes.

Ditch the Makeup Drawer

Makeup drawers are classic. They have a certain amount of elegance to them that instantly makes them appealing. Drawers can also be locked, making them even more appealing if you have small children.

Drawers are also known for being crammed full of things. You’ll wind up with stacks of palettes, and will still find yourself having to hunt for what you want every morning. Instead, you can put your palettes on top, and save the makeup drawer for things like brushes that you don’t want to get dusty.

Consider Your Space Available

Makeup organization is going to look different for everyone. Someone that is organizing vanity space might not have as much room to work with. On the other hand, if you have a larger vanity, organizing vanity space might mean that you have ample room to work with. If you have the top of a dresser, you have more than enough room for makeup organization. Before you think about how to organize eyeshadow palettes, take a good look at where they will be in your room.

Look at Alternative Options if You’re Out of Room

One of the biggest problems that I used to have was simply having space to work with. I’ve installed eight feet of glass shelving to create my own vanity across one wall of my room. Before this, I found that I was constantly looking for other storage options.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available if you seem to be out of space. You can store makeup on your wall. Vertical make-up organization options are another great idea! Those of you that are out of vanity or dresser space need to look at what other space you have available. Is there floor space next to your vanity that you can use for makeup palette organization? Do you have wall space available for vertical storage options?

Organizing Vanity Space for Makeup Storage

Organizing vanity space is the easiest way to organize your makeup palettes. There are plenty of cheap palette organizers on the market. Personally, I use this acrylic one. It has enough slots to hold palettes, and I have enough space on my vanity for a few of them.


Vertical Palette Storage

If you don’t have a lot of space left on your vanity, consider picking up an organizer that lets you store them vertically. This takes up less space, and you can store your palettes so that you can see all of them. As soon as you can see all of your makeup, you’ll discover that it’s a lot easier to find.


Use a Dishdrainer to Organize Makeup Palettes

A wire dish drainer does the exact same thing that the acrylic palette organizer above does but at a fraction of the cost. Most dollar stores sell them for a few dollars. You can simply place your palettes in between the wires like you would if you were putting plates in a dish drainer.

I think that this idea looks better when you use a wire dish drainer without the silverware cup at the end. However, you can use any dish drainer for this idea on how to store makeup palettes.

Pick Up a Desk Organizer

Desk organizers are designed to hold letters and pens. The spaces that are designed for letters are the perfect size for makeup palettes! The areas that are supposed to be used for office supplies like pens are usually the ideal size for makeup brushes.

Whether this idea works depends on how many palettes you have. If you have over 15 palettes, a desk organizer is not going to meet your storage needs. You’ll need so many of them it’s a bit unrealistic. However, if you have a smaller makeup collection, this is a great idea. Desk organizers come with more colors and options than makeup organizers do, which is a huge bonus!

Utilizing Floor Space To Store Palettes

When you’re out of room on your vanity, organizing vanity space isn’t going to matter. If you have a spot available on the floor next to your vanity, there are a few different options that you can use to make that work.

Organize Palettes in Wire Baskets on Shelves

Small wire baskets are the perfect storage option for palettes! They are small enough that you can sit all of your palettes on the side to guarantee that you can see them all.

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Then, you’ll need something to put those wire baskets on. This will depend on how many palettes you need to organize. If you have more than a few wire baskets, consider bookshelves. Another great idea is to use a cube styled organizer. These are stylish, and you’ll have more room in case your collection grows.


Pick Up a Wire CD Organizer

CD organizers come in two styles. There are plastic organizers and wire organizers. The problem with plastic CD organizers is that they usually have a tiny slot that the CD fits in perfectly. Your palettes won’t all fit in that slot.

Wire organizers, on the other hand, don’t have sides. Instead, they have a slot that you simply slide the CD in, but if you want to slide something of a different length (like makeup palettes) in that same slot, it will fit just fine. Those little slots are a perfect size!

Large products that are designed to sit on the floor are called CD towers. You can sit one of these right beside your vanity, and you suddenly have room to store at least twenty palettes.

Use a Dresser

A single makeup drawer is bound to get messy, but using a dresser for only your palettes and properly organizing it can turn out wonderfully.

Before you buy a dresser, decide whether you will lay all of your palettes flat inside the drawers or use organizers inside the drawers to sit them on their end. This will determine what size drawers you need.

Then, you will need to decide how many drawers you need. There are smaller dressers that have three drawers. You could opt for a vertical dresser with ten small drawers too. Keep in mind how much floor space you have, how you will store your palettes in the dresser, and this idea has the potential to give you the perfect makeup organization that you’re looking for!

How to Store Makeup Palettes on a Wall

Personally, I’m not a fan of storing my makeup palettes on the wall. However, I have considered the idea when I was out of room on my vanity and there just wasn’t enough floor space for the ideas mentioned above. There are some great ideas that can make your room look fashionable and help you store your palettes.

Glass Bathroom Shelves

I use this idea to store my lotions and body sprays among a few other things. These glass shelves are sturdy, and they have a rail in the front so you can stand all of your palettes on end without them falling off. They’re also pretty easy to put up. (I originally considered this idea for palettes I don’t use as much, but decided to keep those on the vanity.) For this picture, I moved all of my lotions off of one shelf and put a few of my palettes on it to give you an idea of what it will look like.


Use Bookshelves for the Wall

Anything that is designed to hold small books will work perfectly for palettes. You can opt for angled shelves so all of your palettes will sit perfectly on the shelf. More modern shelves have a lip on the front of them to guarantee that nothing falls off, too. You can’t really go wrong with this idea.

Make Your Palettes Stick to the Wall

I’ve never tried this idea, but it’s a really cool, crafty idea that I almost did at my old house. How you do this depends on just how crafty you want to get.

For a simple, barely DIY idea, you can purchase magnetic makeup boards on Amazon. Then, you simply glue magnetics to the back of your palettes or anything else that you would like to stick to the board.

For a more customized look, you can pick up a simple bulletin board and some flimsy magnetic sheets. Cut the magnetic sheets to fit the bulletin board, and then glue them into place. Finally, cover the board with contact paper or wallpaper. After that, you just need to hang it on the wall and attach magnets to the back of your makeup!

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter how impressive your makeup collection is if you can’t find what you need. That’s why makeup organization is so important. You should be able to easily find your go-to foundation in the morning, your concealer that is a little bit darker than the rest to hide a pimple at the absolute last minute, or anything else that you need. These makeup organization ideas will make sure that you can do just that.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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