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Il Makiage Review: Hypnotize Brow Shaper and Filler


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Il Makiage Brow Shaper and Filler

Il Makiage is known for being unapologetically extra. They pride themselves on selling makeup that is for the maximalist instead of the minimalist. This makeup company has made a splash in the cosmetics industry that leaves customers wondering if their products are worth it. Their brow products are some of their most popular products, including their eyebrow mascara.

About Il Makiage Fill and Fix Brow Shaper

This eyebrow mascara is supposed to be an effortless way to achieve a dramatic look. You simply swipe the spoolie brush across your eyebrows for an instantly better brow.

You can pick up Il Makiage Fill and Fix Brow Shaper in a color to match your eyebrows for a more natural look, too.

Colors available include:

  • Latte
  • Caramel
  • Cocoa
  • Truffles
  • Espresso

This product can be used to create tiny hairs for a more natural look if you use small strokes with the brush. The colors blend perfectly with your natural color!

Advantages of Il Makiage Fill and Fix Brow Shaper

There are a lot of good things about this product. When you wear it, it feels like you’re not wearing a single thing. Because you don’t have to use an eyebrow gel to hold it in place, it really is a one-step eyebrow look. The colors blend with natural colors even better than I thought they would! You can’t create one hair at a time, but you can definitely add some eyebrow hairs in sparse areas where you need them. The formula dries quickly, and it does last quite a while.

Disadvantages of Il Makiage Fill and Fix Brow Shaper

This was the ideal eyebrow mascara except for one thing: it clumped horribly. You can see the clumping on the original picture. As soon as I used it, there were clumps in my eyebrows, as you can see in the picture below.

I did try to smooth the clumps out, hoping that I could make this product work because of all of the pros of Il Makiage Fill and Fix Brow Shaper, but it just wasn’t possible. I wiggled the brush during application. I didn’t pump the brush in and out of the tube. There wasn’t too much product. (I thought that might be the case, so I made sure to wipe the brush to eliminate the excess product.) After double-checking the date I received it, I observed that it was not expired.

According to other reviews, this seems to be a chance you’ll instantly take when ordering the product. Some users claim it’s the perfect product to get natural, amazing brows. Others agree that it clumps as soon as you use it.

What Is a Brow Shaper and Filler?

A brow shaper and filler is exactly what it sounds like. These products help to give your eyebrows the shape that you want, and the look that you are trying to achieve. This can include giving them a fine point at the end or filling sparse areas. Certain products are designed to accomplish different things. What product you choose can also depend on your skill level.

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Types of Brow Shapers and Fillers

A quick walk down any drugstore aisle will instantly reveal quite a few different types of brow shapers and fillers. You’ll find everything from pencils to products that look like markers, pomades, and more. Picking the perfect product for your eyebrows will instantly make filling in your eyebrows easier.

Mascara like Liquid Shaper and Filler (Also Called Brow Mascara)

Brow mascara is exactly what it sounds like. It is a mascara designed for your eyebrows. These come in a tube and are applied with a small spoolie brush, just as mascara is. The spoolie is smaller so that it’s the perfect size for your eyebrows.

This product has similar application features to mascara. It goes on wet, takes time to dry, and then can stay in place all day long. Brow mascara typically stays in place longer than other products, like brow powder, so you don’t always need to use a brow gel to keep your look locked in all day long.

Eyebrow mascaras are not ideal for beginners, though. They do take a little bit of practice. Because they are applied with a spoolie, it can be hard to draw in just a few hairs, and they aren’t ideal for outlining the eyebrows, either.

Pencil Brow Shaper and Fillers

Eyebrow pencils are similar to eyeliner pencils. They come in a variety of formulas, from your basic eyebrow pencil to a gel like formula. Pencils are perfect for drawing individual hairs to fill in sparse areas. They can be used to draw a defining outline of the eyebrows for a wow look that looks perfect for selfies. Filling in the eyebrows with a pencil will result in a more natural look than when you use eyebrow mascara.

These are great for beginners! They’re simple to use, and wipe off easily if you make mistakes. There are several different formulas available so you can find the one that works for you.

The major downside to using an eyebrow pencil instead of other products is that they don’t have a lot of staying power. These don’t always last all day. You’re going to need an eyebrow gel or wax to make your look last.

Brow Powder

Brow powder is another great product for beginners. You apply it along your eyebrows with an angled brush, and it helps fill in sparse areas. It doesn’t look as natural as drawing fine hairs with an eyebrow pencil, but it still looks more natural than brow mascara. Brow powder is similar to pressed eyeshadow in both application and staying power. This product also requires brow gel or wax to last all day.

Brow Pomade

Brow pomade is similar to a creamy, gel like eyeshadow single. These products usually have deeper colors, making them perfect for a bolder look. The gel like formula is applied using an angled brush to fill in sparse areas. It’s great for beginners! Thanks to the unique formula, a pomade will stay in place longer than a powder. Some of these might require an eyebrow gel. Whether or not you need one depends on the product and the brand.

In Conclusion

I really wanted to love this product. Aside from the clumping, it’s the definition of perfection. You can use it heavily and make it obvious that you’re behind the dramatic eyebrow look or lightly for a natural look. It blends wonderfully with natural eyebrows. However, if it clumps you simply can’t use it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

How to Apply Eyebrow Mascara

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