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Beauty Blenders: Pros and Cons


Amber has written about fashion and design, beauty, and skin care for several years.

The ultimate beauty showdown! Which is better?

The ultimate beauty showdown! Which is better?

Are Beauty Blenders Worth It?

The debate between whether you should use a beauty blender compared to a brush remains a constant controversy. Some beauty experts swear that a brush is essential, while others claim that a beauty blender is in your best interest for certain products.

Whichever product you choose to use to apply makeup is ultimately up to you. There are a few great things, and some not-so-great things, about both products. Learning about the pros and cons of a beauty blender, how to use a beauty blender, and what products you should be using a blender for can help you decide whether they are right for you.

Look how beautiful this blender is!

Look how beautiful this blender is!

Pros and Cons of Using a Beauty Blender

There are some great things about using a beauty blender. They’re more convenient for a variety of reasons. However, there are a few downsides that you’ll need to keep in mind before stocking up on your favorite beauty blender.


Beauty Blenders Don’t Leave Streaks

When applying a liquid foundation with a brush, you’re going to have to deal with streaks. Then, you’ll have to blend in the streaks for a natural look. That isn’t the case when using a beauty blender for application. Instead, you’ll find that it instantly gives you a streak-free finish.

Beauty Sponges Give a Natural Appearance to Makeup

Beauty blenders tend to absorb more product than brushes do. Because of that, they give you a more natural finish as they evenly deposit products all over your skin.

It’s Easier to Fill Your Pores

When you apply makeup, especially face makeup like foundation, you’re jamming the product into your pores. To do this with a brush, you have to essentially stab yourself with the makeup brush to get it down into the pores. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also get uncomfortable. Beauty blenders naturally push products into the skin as you apply pressure to the sponge to blend, and they aren’t uncomfortable.

They Feel Better on Sensitive Skin

Beauty sponges are nice and soft. While some brushes are designed to be soft, they still don’t compare to the smooth texture of a sponge. If you have sensitive skin, especially around your eyes, using a brush can be uncomfortable.

You Only Need One

When it comes to brushes, you’ll need quite a few of them to complete your makeup routine. If you’re using a beauty blender, you only need one. You can use it for contouring, foundation, concealer, and everything else in your routine if you would like to.

Are sponges really better than brushes?

Are sponges really better than brushes?


Sponges Result in You Using More Product

Because makeup sponges absorb more product to distribute it on your skin properly, you’ll find that you use more products when you use them. At the same time, a lot of that product stays on the blender and never makes it onto your skin. When you’re spending close to $50 per bottle of foundation, that isn’t ideal.

They are Harder to Get Clean

Your favorite makeup brush will look new again after you disinfect it. That does not happen when you use a beauty blender. In fact, these are much harder to get clean. If you use them for darker makeup, such as eye makeup, they can be permanently stained. Typically, they’ll never look new again.

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Wet Sponges Breed Bacteria

To properly use a beauty blender, you’re supposed to use a damp one to blend products onto the face. This results in a flawless look, but that damp sponge can be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that can cause acne. It’s gross when you put a lot of thought into it.

You Have to Replace Them More

A good set of makeup brushes that are taken care of can last for years. A beauty sponge is doing great if it lasts for a few months. Even if it lasts until then, you’ll still need to replace them due to bacteria. You wind up spending more money for the little bit of convenience that a beauty blender offers in the long run.

Sponges are Not Very Durable

Sponges will slowly begin to flake and chip over time. After a cleaning session, it’s always iffy as to whether you’ll have a chip in your beauty blender. This means that you need a backup or three just in case it chips in an inconvenient spot.

Which Is Better?

Beauty blenders are more affordable than brushes, but that convenience comes at a cost. You do wind up paying more by replacing them, disinfecting them, and by having to spend more money on makeup products.

They can also grow mold and bacteria if not properly taken care of.

However, they provide an amazing finish for your foundation and feel so much better than a makeup brush when blending.


5 Common Questions About Beauty Blenders

1. Are beauty blenders bad for your skin?

If they are not cleaned after every use, a dirty beauty sponge can slowly collect dead skin cells and harmful bacteria. This bacteria can also get into your makeup, resulting in it finding its way into your pores. Then, it will cause blemishes and breakouts.

2. Can a dirty beauty blender cause acne?

Yes, it can. A beauty blender should be properly cleaned and disinfected after every use. This is because they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can then make their way onto your face. That’s how a beauty blender can cause acne.

3. How long do beauty blenders last?

Beauty blenders need to be replaced every three months due to bacteria and dead skin cells. They typically last 4-5 months before chipping or cracking. Cheaper beauty sponges are known to last 1-2 months before starting to break.

4. Do beauty blenders get moldy?

Yes, they do. However, this won’t happen if they are cleaned and disinfected after every use. After cleaning a beauty blender, you need to make sure that it is in an open-air space to dry properly. Avoid putting sponges in a dark place, such as your makeup bag. That will encourage mold growth.

5. Do you wash beauty blenders after every use?

Yes! Every time you use a beauty blender, it collects dead skin cells and bacteria. This can grow and cause acne if your beauty blender isn’t cleaned properly. Not only do they need to be cleaned, but they also need to be properly disinfected after every use.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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