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Cynthia Hoover

Cynthia is a lover of organics, and farming. She loves to garden, and tend to her farm animals. A family oriented woman who still has dinner at the table. She believes that good manners are worth their weight in gold.

Cynthia has held many professional occupations in the past. She has been a Chef, as well as a Business Manager, and most recently working in the Private Hospitality sector.

Survived several natural disasters, starting over with nothing but the clothes on her back. As a result she stays focused on what matters. Most important in life are her family. And providing them with healthy meals and a healthy lifestyle.

She has always had a passion for writing and spent much of her youth contributing to a high school newspaper as an editor, a school radio DJ, and taking journalism classes.

Born in Ohio, though the majority of Cynthia's life has been spent in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.