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How to Grow a Pointed Beard

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Growing a pointed beard isn't as difficult as it might seem.

Growing a pointed beard isn't as difficult as it might seem.

How to Grow a Pointed Beard

Have you ever wanted to get your beard to be a bit more shapely?

Many guys just have wild beards. Sticking out at one end and totally flat on the other. Most of that comes from how you sleep and the kind of natural parting that you create through hours of being asleep.

However, when you want to get something a bit more specific, you may wish to get a pointed beard. No, not like the caricature style of Satan; more like something akin to a Van Dyke or Stiletto beard style. How, though, do you go about doing that? Specifically, this post will show the steps you can undertake to get an all-around more pointed style beard.

Step 1: Take Your Whole Beard Off

To get a quality pointed beard, we recommend going back to the start.

This means dicing off as much of the beard as you can and then getting it back to totally smooth. We even recommend going for a classic Turkish barbers razor shave. Within a week or two, you should now have a solid level of growth (well, at least the foundations).

Anything from 1/4” to ½” in length should be good enough for this point. This allows you to build the beard from the start into that sharp-pointed overall look for the beard.

Step 2: Get Your Cheeks Nice and Smooth

Make sure that you have your cheek areas entirely smoothed. They should not have any kind of hair or build-up, even those silly whisker-like hairs that come in need to come off. If you do that, then you will already have created a lot more definition.

Now, your beard will have a clear point of definition, especially as the chin is often the place with the most prominent beard growth. You can still use a beard trimmer for most of these steps; again, these are general guidelines and not hard and fast rules.

Step 3: Get the Little Parts Right

The next challenge of making a pointed beard is making sure you leave the right shape for your beard.

So, make sure that you start from the sideburns and then move inward. Get to around 2” from the mouth, and you should shave the neck sides and the bottom hairs underneath and around your Adam’s apple. This should leave you with a kind of circular beard style.

Step 4: Get the Goatee Sorted

Next, you will want to start working on the goatee part of your beard.

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This means making sure that you get the line as clear and as defined as is possible. Trim from the neck upwards, taking off increasingly smaller sections of the beard as you go about the shaving process. You should look to use a good quality razor to help you achieve this, as cheaper razors will typically create messier finishes.

Step 5: Style It Right

Now, to finish this cleaner and sharper beard off, you want to use some form of beard wax. It should leave your chin, beard, and your mustache separate from one another. With some wax, you can create some natural protrusion that should help to make your beard a bit sharper and pointier.

This is a hard thing to get right, and it will usually mean that you have to keep coming back and making small adjustments daily. If you want to get a quality pointed beard, though, you’ll need to learn the value of patience and precision.

With the beard trimmer, you will want to start on a higher grade and come in naturally towards the beard. Then gradually lowering the grade more but getting further away from the beard as you reach the bottom of the point. This is what creates that natural point. Less is more at this stage; you rather take off too little than too much. Then make sure to mimic the same actions that you are doing on one side of your face and beard as you do the other to create the symmetry naturally.

Towards the very end, you will be one of the lowest grades but also barely on the edge of your beard as you create the natural curve and pointed aspect of your beard.

You can see a great example of this in the video just above. Notice how the beard trimmer barely gets into the beard towards the end, but make sure to be brave enough to actually shape and curve out the beard-pointed aspect that you want.

You can learn so much from barbers.

You can learn so much from barbers.

The Alternative Approach: See a Barber

If you are looking for a quicker approach to the whole few steps above on styling and growing a pointed beard, you can always just grow a standard one and then head down to the local barbers and ask for that style.

Then take note of what they are doing to form that style you're after, and don't hesitate to just ask them questions about general beard care and how to form the point.

Just to be sure, it's a good idea to bring a picture of the beard style that you're after, so you and the barber are on the same page as to how you want your beard to actually look.

They will be more than happy to help you with the above. Plus, make sure that you do actually take care of your beard the right way as well. Make sure it doesn't get too dry; lukewarm showers and beard oil are good for that. Be sure to wash your beard as well, because just like regular hair that forms on the top of your head, they get dirty and smelly too.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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