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Penelope Hart

Born in North Wales, on a farm, Penelope Hart was the eldest of seven children. She's had careers in journalism in London, as a motion picture researcher at MGM, Hollywood and as a TEFL teacher in Rome where she currently teach English to adult professionals in the Green Energy Business.

She's a published magazine feature writer, culinary columnist, content writer, scriptwriter and playwright. Two of her plays were staged in British theaters. Graduating from Goldsmiths University 2006 with an MA in Scriptwriting (and two completed screenplays) was her recent, personal major achievement.

She wrote on various topics for Hub Pages, some of which are: scriptwriting, culinary and nutrician pieces as well as articles on olive trees and Italian tourist attractions in Tuscany. Several of her articles were featured 'Hub of the Day'. She completed the six month Hub Pages Apprenticeship programme.

Her work is copyrighted: