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Skin Care: Four Products to Avoid and Two Must-Have’s


Amara is a blogger and writer. She has a deep knowledge of holistic health and wellness. She believes in home remedies.

Never apply bar soap, astringents, petroleum jelly, and body moisturizer on your face.

Never apply bar soap, astringents, petroleum jelly, and body moisturizer on your face.

Four Products You Should Never Use on Your Face

We all dream of glowing and flawless skin, and we spend a lot of time and money to keep our skin looking beautiful and young. There are certain products that you might think are good for your face, but they are not!

You might be surprised to learn that things you have been using for years are terrible for your skin. So here is a list of things you should never put on your face.

#1: Bar Soap

You might have used bar soaps on your face before, but actually, bar soaps are not suitable to wash your face with.

According to Healthline, "Bar soaps can be drying. Any cleanser you use on your face needs to have moisturizing ingredients. Most traditional bar soaps don't contain these ingredients and will strip your skin of moisture."

Bar soaps often contain sodium laureth sulfate, a substance that causes the soap to leather well. Unfortunately, this lathering substance can dry your skin. So, you can use bar soap on your body if you want but keep it far away from your face.

#2: Petroleum Jelly

The next thing you get to keep away from your face is petroleum jelly. You may have seen your elders putting petroleum jelly on their faces and lips as a natural moisturizer. But think about it, how can we apply petroleum to our skin?

Petroleum is a substance discovered at the bottom of petroleum barrels.

If you have acne-prone skin, you should avoid putting Vaseline on your face. Doing so may trigger breakouts and can make acne worse.

It can clog the pores, and if you have any history of acne, don't dream about putting it on your face. Some natural products made of bee wax are available at the market, which is an alternative to petroleum jelly.

#3: Body Moisturizer

Body moisturizer is excellent for your body but not so great for your face. Like petroleum jelly, body moisturizers can also clog your pores and can cause skin irritation.

These body moisturizing products also contain other harmful ingredients which are not so good for the sensitive skin of your face. Whenever buying a moisturizer for your face, make sure that it's a good quality facial moisturizer.

#4: Rubbing Alcohol

An article from Healthline reports, "Rubbing alcohol may also make your acne worse. When your skin is dried out from these types of substances, your sebaceous glands respond by making even more oil. This excessive amount of oil, or sebum, can create unintentional acne breakouts. Redness, peeling, and flaking also tends to make acne breakouts more noticeable."

When you put alcoholic toners on your skin, they give you a clean and cold feeling which you may like, but what do they really do? They actually remove all oils from your skin.

People who have really oily skin, or excessive sebum and oil on their skin, use astringents to get rid of these oils, but when they get rid of oil temporarily, their skin starts producing even more oils in response.

So using alcohol-based astringents and toners may make your skin even more oily in the long run. On the other hand, these astringents and toners kill the microbiome of your skin.

The microbiome is made of good bacteria which help maintain the health and condition of your skin. So avoid rubbing these alcohol-based toners and astringents at all costs.

Two Must-Have Skin Care Products

We spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying the most expensive and quality products for our skin, but you only need two products to keep your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful.

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Skincare companies won't make much money if you buy only two of their products, so they keep on coming with different new products to bombard you with. So let me help you to save your money and improve your skin with these two essential products.

#1: Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is a must-have. You probably already know that vitamin C is an essential part of a healthy diet. Your daily dose can help boost your immunity and offers several other benefits for your overall health.

You should apply vitamin C serum to your face every morning as it is a powerful antioxidant and fights free radical damage. All day long, your skin is attacked by free radicals, from the food you eat, from the pollution in the air, and your body's daily processing, and an antioxidant fights off these effects.

Applying an antioxidant to your skin protects your skin from this oxidation damage and will help keep your skin young and healthy. You can pick any good quality brand vitamin C serum. If it contains vitamin E along with vitamin C, it's even better because both vitamins together boost each other's effects.

#2: Retinoid

An article from Healthline states, "By now, you've likely heard how amazing retinoids are for the skin — and with good reason! They've been proven in study after study to encourage cellular turnover, stimulate collagen, help treat acne, soften wrinkles, fade pigmentation, and give the skin an overall youthful glow."

The other must-have product is retinoid, which you should apply before going to bed. Retinoid comes in two strengths:

  • Prescription-strength Retinoid
  • Non-prescription strength Retinoid

The great thing about retinol is that it does pretty much everything anti-aging for your skin, it exfoliates your skin, and it potentially helps to thicken the dermis of your skin. If you've got the issue of thinning skin, then you must try retinol.

Prescription-strength retinoids like Retin-A can even reverse some early skin cancers, so there are a ton of things that retinoids can do.

To use any retinol, test it first and check how your skin reacts to it. If you notice some dryness or redness after using it, use it less often and gradually increase its use as your skin gets used to it.

Retinol moisturizers are really a cornerstone for any anti-aging skincare regimen. You can choose any good quality brand retinol for your skin, as per your choice, and you will notice reversing of the clock, as it's the best scientifically proven anti-aging product you can get.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Amara (author) from Pakistan on August 20, 2021:

Aww Misbah thank you, thank you, thats really very sweet of you.. and Ameen..

Your lovely comment made me smile.. I am glad you liked my hub, and found it informative.

Much love sweet sister..

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Rebels. on August 20, 2021:

Amara this is an Interesting and Informative article about skin care products. Thanks for the suggestions about what to use and what to avoid. By the way beautiful couple and beautiful profile photo. Allah Nazr e bad se bachaye. Ameen! (May Allah protect you from Evil eye. Amen!)

Blessings and Love to you

Amara (author) from Pakistan on August 20, 2021:

Thank you Peggy for your visit and comment. I am glad to know that you liked them.

Have a great day. Much love..

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 20, 2021:

Thanks for your suggestions about what to use as well as what not to use on our faces.

Amara (author) from Pakistan on August 19, 2021:

Thank you very much Manatita.

haha yes dear you can call me an expert, as I have a deep knowledge about these things, and my husband is a doctor. Sometimes wife of a doctor becomes half doctor. lolzz

Vit C is not only good for skin it also boost immunity, so its needed more than ever now in these pandemic days.

You must be using soap on your face, and extreme dryness can cause itchy skin condition like eczema or dermatitis etc. I also has skin dryness issue, eventhough I don't use soap. So I also use dermol or photonic tar sometimes.

Thanks for your visit dear.. Gratitude..

manatita44 from london on August 19, 2021:

Thorough! Are you an expert, Amara? So a great job done well!

I have had problems with soap and I did not fancy make up stuff anyway, like most men nowadays. Now I use a doctors product called Dermol as my skin was pretty cracked. I take essential fatty acids and Vit C and a few more things, probably useful to slowdown Covid-19.

Fabulous work, my friend!

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