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Summer Guide for Goth Girls


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There is a very common misconception that being a ''real goth'' means you have to hate the sun and remain locked inside your coffin for the duration of the summer as though the sunlight will lead to your destruction, which of course, isn't true at all. I, for one, cannot wait until summer starts (perhaps some of this excitement has developed from living in Scotland and having to deal with rain 90% of the year).

However, as the summer approaches, spooky girls everywhere are starting to find themselves panicking about what they are going to do once the temperature rises and the grey and cloudy skies that they have become so accustomed to disappear. ''What should we wear? What about our makeup? Can we still wear black?!''

I'm here to give you a few of my tips and pointers to help make this summer a little easier so that you can spend less time maintaining your appearance and more time having fun in the sun—or, you know, your local graveyard. Whichever suits you.


Skin Care

Skin care seems like an obvious place to start, but still, so many people forget the importance of regularly applying sunblock throughout the day and keeping themselves shaded when the sun is at its highest.

This is also extremely important for those of you with tattoos as it will help ensure that your pieces of art will stay looking great for as long as they possibly can.

I recommend using sun cream in the highest available SPF and Manic Panic offers us spooks our very own Goth Block called ''Vampyres Veil'' which is SPF 45 and is completely cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.



Makeup plus heat can equal a total disaster. I cannot count how many times I have perfected my makeup look only to step outside and become like The Matchmaker from Disney's Mulan. After putting a lot of effort into getting your makeup just right, it can be disheartening when the sun just melts away all of your hard work.

A good setting spray is going to be your best friend if you want to avoid this from happening to you this summer, and Gerard Cosmetics offers just that with their Slay All Day Makeup Setting Spray. Not only can you choose from 7 amazing scents, but you can also be content with the fact that the brand is cruelty-free and that you are getting amazing value for the money.

Also, carrying shine control papers in your handbag will help to stop any smudges that your natural skin oils may cause.


As we all know, black attracts the heat, which is something we most definitely don't want or need on already hot days. So as the summer creeps in, it's time to trade in your black velvets and heavy, knitted sweatshirts for something a little bit more lightweight.


Chiffon kimonos are a great choice as they are really lightweight, and when paired with the right outfit and accessories, will help channel your inner witch. This one can be found on eBay for bargain prices!




Chiffon dresses are another great addition to your summer wardrobe; they are comfortable and provide a great foundation for the rest of your outfit. Especially look for dresses with shorter sleeves or spaghetti straps. Or, if you really want to wear sleeves, then look out for mesh or fishnet designs.


Channel your inner Black Widow with these black denim spider web shorts from Disturbia. The lace detailing is a very pretty additional touch.

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Distressed and lace-up shorts are also a big hit for goth girls in the summer.


Fierce cat-eye sunglasses are a must for keeping the sun's glare out of your eyes.

Pro tip: Get creative and add your gothic embellishments along the frames to allow your individuality to shine through.


Large-brim floppy hats are great for maintaining your usual gothic appearance, and they scream witchy vibes. These will also help to protect your hair from the harmful rays, which could destroy your hair.


Bodysuits are a comfortable and stylish way to bring out the summer side of your goth self, and the Witchery Hexx Mesh Bodysuit from Killstar is the perfect example. If you are feeling creative, you could try DIY-ing a plain bodysuit from your wardrobe or local clothing store.


Bones, skulls and all things dark, that's how creepy little mermaids were made. There are plenty of goth-y swimsuits and bikinis scattered across the internet and at fair prices too. This two-piece is from eBay and is sure to make you stand out at the poolside.

Beach Towels

Killstar's Ouija themed Slumber Towel is available on the Dolls Kill website and is an essential for a goth's adventure day to the beach. Just be sure to always say goodbye.


I am more of a boots kind of girl, but unfortunately, the summer calls for more comfortable footwear and these Demonia bat flat-form shoes are great for those who are used to the additional height that boots and traditional platforms offer.

Besides flat-forms and a trusty pair of creepers, be sure to add lace-up pointed-toe shoes to your wardrobe this season.


Accessories are going to be the most important part of your look as I'm sure they are most days. Getting really creative in the summer will impact on your look a lot and will really help you to feel as comfortable as you usually do in your normal goth attire.

Metal chains and cuffs can become restricting in the heat, so instead, opt for things that aren't going to hinder your daily movements and comfort. Try adding bows to your hair or badges and embellishments to your clothes. Above are some badges from Witch Worldwide that I think are really cute. There are also many Etsy stores that offer customised pins to suit your personality.


With the weather getting hotter, it's only natural that the humidity will affect our hair, which can be very inconvenient and even uncomfortable during the day.

To fight the frizz, try Moroccanoil Hydrating and Styling Cream to ensure a firm hold throughout the day. It is a completely natural product and won't cause any hair damage down the line.

If you have long hair, you will know that the heat can cause itching on the back of your neck, so during the summer, you might want to make the most of the length and try different styling methods. Try creating more up-do hairstyles like space buns, which are super adorable and easy to do, and adding clips and bows can take your look from cute to spooky cute.

You may also consider dying your hair a different colour. As goths, we traditionally shy away from colours that aren't black; however, a bold pastel look or steely grey may be just what's in order. Have a look at Manic Panic and La Riche's hair dye ranges for some inspiration.

I hope this guide has helped you out by igniting some ideas on how you can prepare for summer. Us spooky ghouls can enjoy the hot weather too and still look bad-ass doing so. Feel free to ask any questions and let me know your thoughts on this guide below.

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Mousferatu on April 20, 2017:

Really wish that Manic Panic sunscreen came in a higher SPF :( I'm a natural ginger and anything below 70 doesn't seem to have any effect in protecting me.

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