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Review of the Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches. His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Usually, I stick to large watches with thick leather straps. That’s my style. Once in a while, however, I like to switch things up and strap on something different.

Tevise’s Perpetual Datejust caught my eye. It’s a small automatic equipped with a stainless-steel watch band. Even more interesting was the tiny magnifier, built into the watch’s crystal, which hovered above the date indicator. I decided to give it a try.


Despite its diminutive size, this watch weighs in at 100 grams (3.65 ounces). It spans 38 millimeters and is 13 millimeters thick.

While the case appears convincingly to be composed of stainless steel, it is actually alloy. The watch’s gold-colored bezel surrounds a black dial, helpfully inscribed with TEVISE Perpetual Datejust and Genuine Original Certification. To add flair, faux diamonds mark each hour indicator. Luminous paint is applied to both the hands and markers.

The crystal, enthusiastically termed Synthetic Sapphire by the manufacturer, is composed of hardened mineral glass. A small magnifier, glued to the crystal, hovers directly above the date display.

The stainless-steel caseback includes a window, through which can be viewed the timepiece’s automatic movement.

This watch is equipped with a stainless-steel watch band, color-coded to match the timepiece.

The Manufacturer

Although watches from this company have been available for several years, TEVISE was not trademarked until January of 2017. Tevise is owned by Luo Wei Jun. His office is located in Rm. 604, No. 27 Hao Jin St., Hai Zhu Dist. of Guangzhou.

Oddly, another trademark application was submitted in May of 2017, by Nitin Bhat Single Firm of Delhi, India. This trademark’s status, as you would expect, is recorded as Objected.

The Guangzhou Tevise Watch Company was established in 2012. It is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and employs between 11 and 50 people. Tevise is a manufacturer, trading company.

Due to their staffing level, I suspect Tevise designs watches and then contracts its assembly to one of the many watch factories located in Guangdong, China.

Mainly, their timepieces are marketed to customers within North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch


Brand: Tevise

Model: Perpetual Datejust

Condition: New

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

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Gender: Male

Display: Analog

Movement: Asian automatic

Style: Dress

Features: Date indicator with magnifier

Band material: Stainless steel

Band color: Silver and gold

Band width: 20 millimeters

Clasp type: Pushbutton deployment clasp

Dial color: Black

Dial window material: Hardened mineral glass

Case material: Alloy

Case diameter: 38 millimeters

Case thickness: 13 millimeters

Weight: 100 grams (3.65 ounces)

Water resistance: 3 ATM (splash resistant only)

Visual Appeal

With its faux diamonds and overabundance of gold lettering, this Tevise might come across as a bit gaudy. Personally, I like this design, although I would prefer a bezel color to match the timepiece’s case.

Tevise took the trouble to equip this movement with a well-inscribed rotor. This touch provides a pleasing view through the caseback window.

The stainless-steel strap is two-toned and matches well with the overall design of this timepiece.

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch

Tevise Perpetual Datejust Automatic Watch


I tested Tevise’s Perpetual Datejust for one week. During this period, the timepiece gained an average of 18 seconds per day. While I possess several far more accurate watches, an 18-second gain is quite good for a timepiece in the 35-dollar range.

The date indicator can be easily set and advances properly each day.


Tevise has secured their movement within a solid alloy case. While stainless steel would be preferable, this material seems quite durable.

The heart of any watch is its movement. This automatic appears to be reasonably well designed and manufactured. It starts to tick the moment you pick it up and, while there is a slight lag during adjustments, the minute hand will not waver from its position when the crown is pushed down. Although the Tevise Perpetual Datejust is difficult to wind, this should not present a problem; automatics are normally wound by repeated wrist movement.

This timepiece is equipped with stainless-steel band of better quality than you would expect for a watch in this price category.

Water resistance is rated 3ATM. This watch should not be worn while swimming.

Overall Impression

The Tevise Perpetual Datejust is a modestly priced automatic with better accuracy than many of its direct competitors. If you are in the market for a low-priced mechanical watch and like this automatic’s design, it is worthy of consideration.

There are two basic versions of mechanical timepieces. Some people prefer automatics, others like wind-up watches. The poll below is intended to gauge each type’s relative popularity.

Questions & Answers

Question: What does Tevise mean and what is it's etymology?

Answer: Tevise is simply the name of the watch company. It has no specific meaning. For more information, you are welcome to check their website at:

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Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on March 01, 2019:

An automatic watch uses the motion of your wrist, over the course of a day, to wind its mainspring. If you do not wear it every day, then, after the spring winds down, it will cease to function.

Cabdi riig on February 28, 2019:

I bought a new whatch tevise t801 when iam not used its automatically not worked what coused

Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on December 11, 2018:

Sorry, Adrian. I usually check the reserve energy but, in this particular case, I did not.

Adrian on December 11, 2018:

The reserve energy how long is?

Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on November 23, 2018:

It is equipped with an inexpensive Chinese manufactured movement, Clint. I have no idea what factory it came from but this movement is accurate for its price range and appears to be of decent quality. Like you said, this is a pretty nice watch.

clint on November 23, 2018:

I just purchased this exact watch and although i didn't have high expectations, this turned out to be a pretty nice watch. Keeping very good time at this point. Only time will tell how accurate it will be. The movement sure isn't a NH35A since the second hand doesn't stop when pulling out the crown. You have any other thoughts on the movement?

Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on February 18, 2018:

Hi Herb:

If you check Amazon (or eBay) you will find several Tevise watches with leather straps. Unfortunately, my understanding is that this that this particular model is equipped only with stainless-steel bands.

Herb on February 18, 2018:

Shilly, I like small watches with leather straps. I find that the larger style watches that are in now feel uncomfortable on my wrist plus the linked bands are usually to large for my wrist. Do you ever run across the smaller style watch face watches like above only with a leather strap or strap other than the link style. Thanks for sharing your information much appreciated my friend. If I do in the future see one of the watches you review on you site is it possible to purchase from you? Best Regards Herb

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