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L’Oréal Feria Intense Deep Auburn Review

Justine works and writes from her home in Michigan. She loves to encourage others through her writing.


Is It Time to Change Your Hair Color?

Recently I’ve really been craving a drastic change. I have been getting sick of my drab hair color and wanted something more brilliant. My hair has mostly been a dirty blond my whole life but recently I began bleaching it and learned it's very hard to maintain blond hair. After bleaching, you need to tone, and tone regularly in the shower. It's truly hard work! But being a blond can be well worth it if you can keep up on it.

In the past, I’ve spent tons of money on purple toners, shampoos, and bleach in order to maintain my blond locks. After my most recent attempt to bleach, I noticed my hair was more orange than I wanted it to be, so I realized I needed to bleach again! Bleach does so much damage I just finally gave in and decided to try something darker. After buying several boxes of hair dye I finally settled on the perfect color. Let’s see if this box color can live up to my expectations.

The Salon Is My Enemy

Months ago I won a makeover from a local salon from my local radio station. Being a mom, I am too busy to put much effort into myself and I was excited to receive a new hairstyle. The day went and I sat down in a very young, barely twenty-something hairdresser's chair. She claimed to be a “color expert.” She had a very bubbly attitude and made me feel better as she chatted me up.

I told her how it’s been months of trying to get my hair to platinum blond in order to go silver which was my goal. She ensured me she could help me reach my hair goal. I told her I needed to lighten more on the top and I spent hours in the chair. But she didn’t use any bleach and I became skeptical she knew what she was doing. The salon owner even stated I needed to be two shades lighter to achieve this.

I sat in this chair for over four and a half hours. When I finally got to see the results I was devastated. It was months and months of trying to go platinum blond shot right out the window. My hair was brown on top and very grey at the ends. I was literally so sick of being there that I tipped her $20 and vowed never to return. And that was the last time I’ve ever been to a salon. This story brings me to my next question. Can box dye achieve better than salon results? At this point, I didn't have much to lose.


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How to Use a Box Dye

After removing everything from the box. The first thing I noticed was that this dye comes with very nice black latex gloves, unlike the very ill-fitting, humongous gloves that some box dyes give you. The box includes developer, color booster, aromatic shimmer serum, shampoo, conditioner, and gloves.

As I began mixing the color, I realized the dye itself was actually bright red, this box dye is mostly red and with very little brown tones. I was nervous about the intensity of the red at first but now I am highly satisfied. I never really fell in love with boxed color, but this is changing my mind.

The bright red stains things very easily. Just be sure to cover your sink and be careful what you touch. Halfway through dying my hair, I realized red dye was beginning to stain my white sink. I wiped it right away and then cleaned it up later with Clorox bleach spray.

The color seemed to soak right into my thirsty dry hair. Only one box was needed for my shoulder-length hair, even though I bought two just in case. I let the dye sit in my hair for the recommended time of 30 minutes to develop. Then I showered to rinse it all out. It took a bit of time to rinse the color out because it is so intense. It was a few minutes before the water finally ran mostly clear. I used the shampoo and conditioner provided.


The Results

The results are amazing. Like I mentioned above, I was nervous about the bright red base of the color but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! My final verdict on this box dye is this, much better than box dyes I’ve tried in the past. It has natural highlights and is shinier than before.

If you are thinking about a change, you must embrace it and live your extra life! If you feel like trying something drastic don’t be afraid. Great hair color can completely change how you feel about yourself and can be a great reliever of stress, which I learned from one of my favorite social media personalities, Brad Mondo. Be a little extra like Brad Mondo says, and go for bold!

Normal Box DyeL'Oreal Feria

Loose fitting gloves

Black professional quality gloves

No Shampoo

Shampoo plus Conditioner

Flat overall color

High Intensity shimmering color

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