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How to Not Piss off Your Barber

I am married, and I have kids. I used to be a barber in a former life.

Your barber can wear many hats, however, you don't want to make them mad. After all, they do carry sharp objects around and are in control of your looks. Follow these tips to keep your barber happy!

Your barber can wear many hats, however, you don't want to make them mad. After all, they do carry sharp objects around and are in control of your looks. Follow these tips to keep your barber happy!

Your barber can be your best friend, your therapist, your doctor—hey, even sometimes a magician. But they can also be the devil if you make them mad. Now, I am not suggesting they might accidentally gouge you in the side of the head with their clippers or that they would even dare take a chunk out of your ear, but, if you want to guarantee a good haircut, keeping your barber happy is the best way to achieve this outcome.

So here, in no particular order, are the top ten ways to keep your barber happy. Whether you have a barber you see regularly or you go to a different one each time, this will ensure a good experience for both you and your barber.

1. Don’t Be Indecisive

Barbers will see several people during their shift. Typically, they work off commission so the more haircuts they do, the more money they make. They don’t want to rush you through your haircut, but they also don’t want to spend a half-hour with you while you try to decide what kind of haircut you want. If you know what you want, state it and let’s get down to business. If you are looking for a suggestion, ask them for their advice, but don’t ho and hum and take another 30 minutes to decide if what the barber suggested is the best style. It probably is since they know what is currently in style and with their experience, can probably tell you what will look good on you! On another note, if you already know how you want your haircut, know how to explain it. When the barber asks you the question, “How do you want your haircut?”, shorter is not an acceptable answer!

2. Take a Shower

I am going to say this again: TAKE A SHOWER! Practice good hygiene. There is nothing worse than having a person in your chair whose head feels like it has had an entire puck of pomade rubbed into their hair. And by pomade, I really mean grease. Most people who can afford a haircut can afford a bottle of shampoo. Even if you only use it once a month, use it before you come in for a haircut. We don’t want to put our hands through the greasy, slimy hair. Also, make sure you use deodorant and apply liberally. If you suffer from bad body odor, I don’t want to smell it. I definitely should not be able to smell it from across the room. Yes, the cape will hide some of the smell, but it will linger in the shop long after you are gone. In addition, I don’t suggest coming in for a haircut after you have just had the workout of your life. Obviously you care about your body, please take the time to wipe off the sweat before you come in. Besides the shower, make sure you brush your teeth as well. If we are washing your hair, we should not be able to smell your breakfast, your coffee, your lunch, or your last beer. If brushing your teeth is not available, please pop in a piece of gum.

3. Don’t Tell Me How to Do My Job

Last I checked, I went to school, and I got licensed to cut your hair. Tell me what you want, but don’t tell me how to get there. If you know how to cut your hair so well, do it yourself. Then afterwards, I will laugh at you because of how bad it is and then I will fix it!

4. Don’t Judge Me on Your Past Experiences

Just because you got a bad haircut the last time, doesn’t mean I will do the same thing. I can not guarantee I won’t have an off day, but I will give you the best possible haircut I can. I might possibly start having a bad day if you don’t adjust your attitude. So don’t judge me and let me do my job! Just remember, every barber and every stylist has a different way they cut hair. While none of these techniques are wrong, they do produce different results. If you are always receiving a bad haircut, try finding a stylist who works well with your hair. This will give you a better haircut experience and probably a better attitude toward your barber.

5. Don’t Expect Miracles

I am a barber, not a magician. If you have cowlicks, I can not change that. I can cut your hair so it lays as nice as possible. But if your bangs stand up straight because of a cowlick, I can not cut it so it lays down flat. Work with what kind of hair you have. There is no use in fighting against your hair because ultimately you are fighting with yourself. This is a fight were you will always lose! If you have thick, coarse hair, chances are good a shag cut will not look good on you. On a final note, if you are balding, I can offer you suggestions on how to make your hair look thicker based off the type of haircut, styling products, and alopecia prevention techniques, but I can not put hair back on your head. If you would like that, I will start chewing massive amounts of gum, stick it on top of your head, and use the hair I just cut off to reapply. I can guarantee the results will not last.

6. Adjust Your Attitude Before You Sit Down

If you are having a bad day, I will be your therapist. Talk to me and I will help cheer you up. Please, don’t take it out on me. I am not the reason you are having a bad day, but I can hopefully make it better. A smile can be contagious; a grumpy mood can be equally contagious. If you are in a pissy mood, it is almost certain that you will put me in a bad mood. If I am in a bad mood, I might accidentally snip your ear (just kidding)! Either way, it is unfair to growl at me because you had a bad day or because you are naturally just an irritable cranky person who walks around with a chip on your shoulder. I once had a client who came in complaining that no one in this world can drive decent (except obviously him). People like this need to take a chill pill. He ruined my night! So, next time, try growling a little less. Last time I checked, a lack of growling and an occasional smile has never killed anyone.

7. Try to Be Sociable

The most uncomfortable 20 minutes is having a guy in your chair that won’t say a word to you. It is even worse when you can barely get out how they want their hair cut. Answering every question I ask with a flat “Yes” or “No” when I am trying to start a conversation is just as annoying. Where I work, the guys get to watch TVs while they get their haircut. While most guys will talk to me, some prefer to just watch the TV in silence. Usually this is the time the commercial for Hemorrhoids, Erectile Dysfunction, or feminine itching airs on the TV. This can be rather uncomfortable. I would prefer having the conversation.

8. Sit Still and Sit Tall

Unless you are a young child or you have a disease that makes you uncontrollably shake, you have no excuse! It is difficult enough to give someone a haircut if they have difficult hair to work with, or cowlicks, or thick hair, but when you add a moving target that is a recipe for disaster. I have cut several children’s hair, and I will admit, it has turned up my fast clipper and scissor reactions. On the other hand, people understand if a child has a bad haircut. They usually peg it on them not sitting still. How do you explain a bad haircut on an adult who shook their head resulting in a divot from the clipper? You blame it on the barber! So do me a favor and if you are sitting in my chair, please sit still. I promise if you do, the torture will be over before you know it. On another note, sit tall and sit straight. This will help us make sure you have the best haircut possible. If you want to look good, this is sound advice to follow.

9. If You Are Suffering From a Communicable Disease, Don’t Get a Haircut

The definition of a communicable disease is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from one person to another. Therefore, if you have called into work because you are too sick, do not use this as a prime opportunity to get your haircut. First off, while I have built up an immune system because many others have come in and tried to pass me their colds, I don’t want you to be the one who can break my streak. Second off, if you have a child who was called in sick from school forcing you to stay home, that also is not a prime time for you to get a haircut. Bringing your sick child with you is no different then you being sick. In fact, if you do this, I will give you the parent of the year award. Go home and take care of your kid, like you should have been doing before you came in. Third off, chances are high that it is frowned upon for me to call in sick to work without finding someone to cover my shift. This is difficult. No one wants to come in on their day off and it is also hectic to move around my other request appointments. Therefore, I need to stay healthy. Therefore, if you are carrying something that could make me ill, stay home.

10. Tipping is Not a City in China

Believe it or not, people who cut hair are in the service industry. This means it is an industry which usually works for tips. While I am not saying you should tip someone who is grumpy or screwed up your hair, or in other words gave you poor customer service, you should however tip appropriately to the job they have done. Tipping is a way to say thank you. If they go above and beyond and absolutely made your day, reach a little deeper into your pockets and treat them right. Believe me, they will remember you the next time, and they will treat you like a king every time. On the other hand, if you are a bad tipper or a no tipper, you will also be remembered. Now if you don’t give a tip because you didn’t have a stellar experience, 95% of the time, the stylist will already know they screwed up. The messed up fact is, those who carry a wad of 100s, 50s, and 20s in their wallet, are more likely to be a bad or no tipper than the person who can’t afford the haircut in the first place. So remember, if you had a great experience and got a great cut, tip your barber appropriately (this does not mean $1). And if your parents didn’t teach you when it is appropriate to tip, I am telling you now, tipping your barber is appropriate. Now make sure you teach your children the right thing to do.

Now that I have gotten this off my chest, I hope I have done my part by educating the world on the proper etiquette for receiving a haircut. While you may find some of these funny, the truth is, I have personally experienced each and every one of these situations. So, now that you know where I stand (and probably many other barbers as well) go ahead, take a shower, brush your teeth and then go get a haircut! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to tip!


Justin on January 21, 2019:

Total B.S., I only agree with one of ten and that is the sensible number nine. If this is the reason you are complaining as a stylist, maybe you need to look into that mirror that you face almost everyday and find happiness with your work or find new work. That person sitting in your chair is their for you to help them. I say my number one problem in a barber shop or salon is the other stylist. There is two types, one who loves the art of it and the other that complains about the people that keep their lights on.

FebeeChu on September 09, 2017:

You shouldn't judge people that can tip based on what and how much they have in their wallets. Everyone that Carries 20's 50's 100's bills aren't the same. It depends on each individual's heart and gratitude/generosity. Customers shouldn't feel the pressure to entertain their stylist by having chatting, some consider a barber shop like a Spa meaning no talking much, or phone distractions but relaxation. Well you say to customers don't expect too much from you, well, stop Expecting too much and pushing or you'll end up loosing your clients. Let them BE!! Except for the hygiene part I'm all for that!!!

Ryan Harris on July 03, 2017:

Read More From Bellatory

I believe it is very important to have communication when its come to getting your haircut. A lot of barbers don't communicate with their clients and as a result the haircut doesn't satisfy the client. Barbers need to learn how to communicate often with their clients to get the clients best haircut experience.

megan on May 31, 2017:

Right on comments. Been a barber 30 years,if someone has nassty,stinky hygience,I refuse to cut their hair.

ClaytonTheBarber on March 12, 2017:

Nice work! You nailed it.

ladyBarber86 on December 22, 2013:

I dont know if this was said but you forgot 'do not run into their chair uninvited" or something to that effect. I work at a shop where it is all walk-ins. We have customers that either run right to your chair before even a "hi how are you" has been uttered. Before I can even get to my chair they are either standing there in front of my station or already sitting in my chair. I find it rude. I'm not saying I don't appreciate the business. I really do, but I may not be ready. Or I might be done my shift even need to take care of a thing or two before I take you! Just something that I think every barber and even hairdresser can relate too.

Justin on November 06, 2013:

7. Try to be sociable:

Hmm, thought I was paying you for a service.

After working a 10hr day I prefer to get my cut and just relax. There is one girl at the salon/shop that always tries to force conversation such as "How many siblings? How old are you? What do you do?" Stuff that does not describe anything about who I am personally. I just politely say that I'd like to get my cut in silence and just relax. It's her tip.

Funny thing is both times I went to her, it was the exact same questions... If she's all that's avail I come back later.

It's not the customers job to keep you entertained. Your approach to #7 directly affects #10

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on January 23, 2013:

@TToombs08 - This is definitely advice people can't live without! :)

Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. on January 20, 2013:

Excellent advice, Stacy! I'll try to remember that the next time. ;)

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 14, 2012:

@sweetie1 - When I worked as a barber, we did mainly men's hair. While we couldn't turn away females, we geared ourselves toward the male population with our services. That being said, there was women who would rather have us do their hair, but most of them went to a beauty salon instead. However, we charged a better price and you got more money for your services. At a salon, they charged more and you were still expected to tip. That being said, as a person who has worked for tips, I never expect a tip - I think it is earned. But it does make it difficult when you are already paying so much to go above and beyond to tip someone out.

sweetie1 from India on December 10, 2012:

Hi Barbergirl,

I submitted the comment but i wanted to change just one word and then by mistake I clicked delete button. Anyways.. In Delhi the girls usually go to beauty parlours for the hair cut as we usually have unisex salons. It is usually owned by the lady barber herself who does your hair, facial, eye brows and everything. Yes many points are valid here and usually she becomes like a friend to you. But tipping well thats not in Delhi's culture. No one gives and no barber expects. Only people usually get tips are waiters and now since most restaurants are putting up 10% service charge apart from 12.5% service tax so they kind of put the tip in their bill and I am sure the waiters don't get that tip but customers have already paid in bill, so either tip is going down a lot or like many stopped paying more tips in the restaurants which put service charge.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 09, 2012:

@divacratus - I think it kind of depends on the individual stylist. For me, I am more of a social bug. I can also do well with ones that are quiet. What it comes to is the connection that two people have. That is the most important. And next, it is how the customer perceives the service. As always, the customer is the focus. We are there to make it a great experience! :)

Kalpana Iyer from India on December 07, 2012:

This gave me an insight into how barbers feel about us customers! :) I am guilty of not being too sociable while I'm getting a hair cut, I get lost in my own thoughts and I used to think that this would make the barber concentrate on his job without me distracting him. Looks like most barbers don't like their customers being quiet? Hmmm. Have to work on that now.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 07, 2012:

@seanorjohn - The clients I actually refer to as my friends are the ones that I have made a true connection with. They keep coming back and we have built a relationship. I enjoy their companionship as I am working. That being said, I still had to cut people's hair that I don't know. No worry's though - I believe in treating others the way that you would wish to be treated. This is just a bit of light-hearted humor. Sometimes when we are in customer service, the customers can crawl under your skin. But, we still have to take it to look the professional. Thanks for the vote up - I will keep you off my list of enemies ;)

seanorjohn on November 06, 2012:

Glad to hear you refer to your clients as friends. But you get me real worried about how you might deal with your enemies.

voted up though. just to keep on your right side.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on September 20, 2012:

@Levertis Steele - Luckily for me my skills at keeping my mouth shut are very strong - except when it comes to writing. I don't mind guys who prefer to relax than have a conversation - it is the ones that seem like they don't know how to have a conversation that get on my nerves. But the good thing is, in the profession I am in, people are usually drawn to one person in particular. So when you see a person that matches personalities, it is a good idea to get a haircut from them. I had a pretty big clientele. I hate calling them my clients because what it really comes down to is they are my friends. This list actually stemmed from a very bad day. It does hold some good advice but luckily for my need to have kept my job - I am just as good at grinning and bearing it ;)

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on September 19, 2012:

I forgot to add:

Loved it! Funny, voted up, useful, and interesting.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on September 19, 2012:


You drive a hard bargain, but not #7! The others are reasonable desires in my opinion.

The guy should explain how he wants his hair cut, but he is not there to entertain you. He is not required to have a conversation with you. Maybe he wants to think or just be quiet. If there is a commercial on television that embarrasses you, he is not a mind reader to know to create a distraction to make you feel comfortable. You can always turn it off or keep magazines. That is in your control not his. Last, you are the one who wants to make money, and you need to satisfy your customers. You have a lot of demands, and I must say that 9 of them are reasonable, but not #7. If you decide to voice these commands, get ready to close shop if you say them the way you have written them. On some jobs, you must take the bitter with the sweet.

When I was young, I worked at a nursing home for a while. Old people are like babies, and you have to love them. I could not issue commands.

I declare I understand your points, but unless you find a way to tell these men without insulting them, you have to deal with the odors and sweat. If you make appointments, give the funky ones morning slots. Maybe they will be fresher.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on September 07, 2012:

@Cogerson - I was one of the lucky ones. I had a lot of request clients. I think they were all about my sarcasm! :) Oh yeah - and I gave a killer haircut! ;) But because of that, I rarely had to deal with people I didn't really know. Don't get me wrong, I got the occasional walk-in but most days I was with my request clients all day long. That meant I had more good days than bad days. There are always a few though that you just don't have a choice with. The day I wrote this was one of those day! :) Glad you enjoyed this and I hope more people get a chance to see these tips to avoid a bad haircut! :)

UltimateMovieRankings from Virginia on September 06, 2012:

I really enjoyed reading your ten tips. Knowing your past career I am sure that you had lots of customers that did not follow these simple courteous rules. I always thought taking a shower before a haircut was a good I know it is a great idea. I will be thinking about this hub and the rules the next time I get a haircut. Voted up and useful.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on September 04, 2012:

@writeronline - Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just grin ... you can't help who you have to deal with but in this kind of job you have to be the better of the two people. However, no one ever said we couldn't share tips to improve the experience! :)

writeronline on August 28, 2012:

Good fun read. My brother in law was a barber for many years. I can just about hear him now, saying all the things you're saying. Drove him nuts - he's since worked as a mailman for many years; I guess you don't have to be so polite when it's real dogs crapping on your day..

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on August 28, 2012:

@Fiddleman - That brings back memories... not fond ones... but memories nonetheless. One time - and I am so happy it wasn't me doing the haircut, and guy and his wife came in. Apparently they work on a farm. Anyway, to make a long story short, one of them had something nasty stuck to the bottom of their shoe. It was bad when they were getting their haircut but the second they left, the stink just stayed in the air. Come to find out, the bottom of their shoe rubbed it in every where they stepped.... on the mat, inbedded in the hair on the ground, stuck in the broom now... yuck. Since I was pregnant at the time, I had to leave the shop and go outside for fresh air - it actually made me vomit. It was the grossest thing I ever had to deal with. Luckily - we weren't busy and the smell of lysol did a good job of covering it. But the station they were in stunk for almost an hour afterwards! Yucky!

Fiddleman on August 27, 2012:

Home run! My son as you may already know from reading my hubs is also a barber. He is an excellent barber and all you have written is the way it should be especially about taking a bath. He had a customer once that stunk to high heaven and when he exited the barbershop, he threw away the cloth and sterilized his tools.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on August 17, 2012:

@J.S.Matthew - It is all in the name of beauty... that's my job! :)

JS Matthew from Massachusetts, USA on August 16, 2012:

Well, we appreciate you sharing your experiences with customers so that we don't make the same mistakes!


Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on August 16, 2012:

@J.S.Matthew - Thank you so much for stopping by and including this in your online newspaper. I have to say - almost always - people that follow these guidelines will not only get a good haircut, but will more than likely enjoy their experience more as well. The bad side of this... I think I have experienced every one of these situations with a client at some point in time.

JS Matthew from Massachusetts, USA on August 15, 2012:

I somehow "found" this one in the archives. What a funny and great read! I love your sense of humor mixed with honesty. I have always followed these guidelines and I can say that I have never had a bad haircut experience (at least not by a licensed professional!) Voted up and shared and this is included in my Online Newspaper:

"The J.S. Matthew Enterprise"! Great Hub!


Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on August 06, 2012:

@josh3418 - I am really glad that you enjoyed this. It is probably one of my best hubs and even though it may have had cranky tendencies... it worked well. For if I saved one person from avoiding a shower or brushing their teeth before seeing their hairstylist, my work is done! :)

Joshua Zerbini from Pennsylvania on August 05, 2012:


This was stinking hilarious! I enjoyed it thoroughly! LOL SO FUNNY!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on July 31, 2012:

@that guy - It is a good possibility but it always turns out good as it was great inspiration for this hub! :)

that guy on July 30, 2012:

Sounds like the host had a bad day at work, QQ

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on June 12, 2012:

@George - There is one thing certain when it comes to finding a good stylist.... if you are particular than stick with the same one. I am a talker. I like to talk because I think that it makes the whole experience fun. Now, there is a time for talking and a time for not (like when you are doing the shampooing) That is the relaxation part of the service. But, my clients know this of me already and that is what keeps them coming back. Now, some people are just awkward socially. That is what I am referring to. Not the person who doesn't want to talk because they really need the down time. There is a difference and the person should know the difference or they are in the wrong field. I hope that you haven't gotten the wrong impression when you go in to get your haircut. If you are there to relax, the person cutting your hair should be able to know the difference. I will admit though - talking to your next client or to your coworker when you should have your attention on the person you are working for is nothing more than rude! Thanks for stopping by and I hope all of your haircuts are good ones! :)

George on June 06, 2012:

Try to be socible? Well let us see, many women get their hair done, manicures and pedicures. Many men "do" their own nails. What does that leave a man? That's right, you guessed it,a haircut. If your customer is giving you one word answers a polite hint that he does not want to engage in conversation. He is hinting and hoping you'll understand. He just wants to relax and enjoy a peaceful haircut. It can be very soothing. A kind of therapy. Does it not bother you while you're getting a massage and the massage therapist just wants to keep talking? That's the only thing worse is when a stylist or barber is holding conversation with another stylist or worse yet a customer who is next in line for a haircut. What, they can't wait until the customer gets in the chair? Please. I cannot tell you how to get customers in the door. Well I could but that is another conversation. If you want it to keep your customers and increase your tips, allow your customers to just enjoy a quiet, peaseful, soothing haircut if they wish not to talk. I enjoy the calming sound of the scissors and your fingers working my hair. I really agree about the shower and shampoo. Let's not forget to brush your teeth!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 17, 2012:

@mythicalstorm - You know I would in a heart beat... and you have always been a good client. You sit real still and hardly ever complain when I pull your hair! :)

mythicalstorm273 on May 17, 2012:

I wish you could come give me a haircut! I would leave you a good tip and talk nicely and be a really good client :-) Still even after rereading this I must admit you give some good advice!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 15, 2012:

@rolly - you are very correct. It all depends on what the person is looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

rolly on May 14, 2012:

YOu don't necessarily have to go down to the skin on the sides or the top

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 11, 2012:

@Anjili - Yes - it is clearly a good idea never to upset your barber... not only do they carry sharp tools, but they directly affect how good you look! Glad you enjoyed the hub! :)

Anjili from planet earth, a humanoid on May 11, 2012:

Now I understand why that barber gave me that funny-looking haircut. My kids couldn't stop throwing jibes at me until the hair grew back. I'll ensure to tow the line next time. Nice hub. Thanks for sharing this info. Voted up

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on April 30, 2012:

@Myth - This hub was written under the extreme BS mode... oh yeah... and irritation. I remember I had a bad day at work. This was a great way to release pent up anger... and I find my sarcasm can sometimes be thought of as humor! LOL - glad you enjoyed this one! :)

mythicalstorm273 on April 28, 2012:

Your barber stories and advice are always entertaining. Of course you are entertaining no matter what the case is! I remember I had read this one a long time ago, but revisiting these are fun!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on February 08, 2012:

@Jeannette - First off, I have to say I think it is wonderful what you are doing. These patient's need this service just as much as anybody else and making them feel good about themselves is a great way to help them get better. As for your coworkers, I would gently tell them that per your job description you are unable to cut there hair (even though you are aware of them only kidding), and you would appreciate if they stop requesting your services.

Unfortunatley, if the easy way doesn't work you are going to have to get a little more direct. Tell them that what you do is just as important as their jobs and treating you like this is disrespectful and no longer will be tolerated. It is sad to think these people might be asking these questions because they don't think being a barber is a respectable job. But be proud of what you do and you can even tell them that. Because what you do is important. I hope this helps you.

Jeannette on February 05, 2012:

I work as a barber in a hosipital.To cut only patient's hair but the workers like cna and housekeepers always ask me for hair cuts.And they are just kidding.But i do not like them asking me all the time.I dont think its funny.I feel good about what i do.How can i stop there stupid questions?

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on January 01, 2012:

@kellymom1970 - Wow it looks like you had a rocking flattop part to bring in the new year. The 00000 is by far my favorite blade when doing military haircuts. It just doesn't seem to get short enough otherwise. Happy New Year - you can rock it! :)

kellymom1970 on December 31, 2011:

barbergirl, The flattops rock the party my mom,Kara my neighbor, myself and one or my clients turned many heads at the party, even with a flattop I felt left out because I have hair on the sides and back. Now they got me thinking 2012 maybe military flattop time for me also looks like you are right about the 00000 blade it got these women lots of attention. I'm next now. thanks

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 31, 2011:

@kellymom1970 - Awesome job like usual! And what a giant step to go from shoulder length to skin. Keep on pushing it! :) Hope you guys have a great New Year and a wonderful 2012! See you next year! :)

kellymom1970 on December 31, 2011:

barbergirl, Happy New year, I buzz the neighbor lady today in my kitchen for the part tonight. That's her picture very cool flattop! Shoulder length to military flattop at 47 very hot! what do you think.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 26, 2011:

@Susan - Our family had a good Christmas. I am not going to lie - I am glad it is over and done with for this year. Too much stress! Glad to hear you guys had a great one too! Enjoy the new haircut! :)

susan54 on December 26, 2011:

Barbergirl, I really hope your family had a great christmas, we did, my hubby shaved me with his new razor full bald horseshoe now. I love it! great work out haircut. see you later.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 22, 2011:

@Kellymom1970 - I am so glad she absolutley loves it... and possibly got a date out of it. She must sure be rocking it! I bet she is going to get all sorts of reactions at Christmas as well! Awesome!

kellymom1970 on December 22, 2011:

Barbergirl, MOM loves the new cut! She has never had her hair this short before. She is bald everywhere now but still has a flattop. I cut it at my shop the old men in there were going cazy over it. I think she got a date out of She looks so cool! Thanks, I think this summer I taking her to a full horseshoe flattop.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 20, 2011:

No problem... let me know what she thinks of hte 00000 - that is by far my favorite blade when doing short haircuts... well beside the straight razor that is! But it is a starting point! :)

kellymom1970 on December 20, 2011:

barbergirl, thanks I think tomorrow when she comes over I am using a 00000 on her side,back and top. She will have little gray hair left for christmas,but she likes it even more than the longer flattop. The other women at bingo just love the landing strip she Thanks for the advise,

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 20, 2011:

@Kellymom - Barber to Barber - I would probably take it down to a 000 or do you have a 00000. That way she isn't having you cut it down every 2 to 3 days. I would see how she likes it with the shorter version though before you straight razor it, but that would be my next step! :)

kellymom1970 on December 20, 2011:

Barbergirl, I think my mom is Susans twin, (By the way Susan very cool for getting a horseshoe)as a barber love cutting them. I have only cut 1 woman with a horseshoe,and I had one when I was around 25 or so for a summer. So, back to mom she called me today, it's only been 2-3 days and said the top is getting to long and need to be cut again,lol. Barber to barber should I use a 0 again, 000,or just straight razor it. Maybe a full on horseshoe like Susan said she getting. thanks again.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 19, 2011:

@Susan - Wow - a new razor... I bet he is going to love it. Go get that horseshoe and rock it. You guys have a great holiday!

susan54 on December 19, 2011:

barbergirl, After all this working out and shopping and reading about kellys mom. I'm going on fri before my office party to bring back my horseshoe flattop. My husband still has his, I got him a new electric razor for Christmas,they say it cuts so close you don't see hair for three day. When he opens I going to let him try it out on my horseshoe flattop first and then I'm shaving him. Then we will be off to the family rounds house to house. I have really come to like the horseshoe flattop more and more my kids even like it on me.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 18, 2011:

@Kellymom1970 - That is just too awesome. I can tell just by your comment that she has found a whole new bout of self-confidence. Who knows - maybe this is what she has been looking for. I bet she is going to be the hit of the Christmas part! :)

kellymom1970 on December 18, 2011:

barbergirl28, I think all of these people liking my moms flattop is going to her head,LOL She came over today and ask my to give her a landing strip! Wow Well I gave her what she wanted I do like it on her 71 all gray with a flattop landing strip. I did it with a 0 blade did want to go to crazy on her. I sure she will want it shorter next time who know maybe she will be bald by summer.Lol

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on December 13, 2011:

@Kellymom1970 - That is really cool. I am glad you guys were the talk of the place. Hope you have a great holiday!

kellymom1970 on December 13, 2011:

barbergirl28, I had to take my mom for a check up, and about 20 female nurses and doctors just love my mom and my flattops. We were the talk of the place. I ended up give out 7 or so cards 3 said they wanted a flattop and 1 came in and got one last saturday she is about 30 with really dark hair,she look so cute. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 18, 2011:

@Susan - I shave my husband bald all the time... what can I say - the feel of freshly shaved skin is awesome!

susan54 on November 18, 2011:

barbergirl,Thanks.No this is the horseshoe flattop I had over the summer it was great for the heat. My hubby was shaving me bald here he had one also.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 18, 2011:

@Susan - You are crazy but I like crazy. Is that a new picture I can't really tell if you still have the color in it! Love the look on you - it really suits you!

susan54 on November 18, 2011:

barbergirl, Hi hope things are going good for you. Here is apicture of my horseshoe flattop what do you thing am I crazy! or what.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 13, 2011:

@Kellymom1970 - Yeah - can't wait to see it... on my way now!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 13, 2011:

@Susan - you are beautiful inside and out. And truly, I believe you have what it takes to pull off whatever you would like. It looks gorgeous!!! And you are very right - it is only hair. Eventually it will grow back! Kudos to you! Oh yeah - and I think either suits you so go which ever one you are grooving at the time!

kellymom1970 on November 12, 2011:

Barbergirl28, I just posted my first hub! come see thanks

susan54 on November 12, 2011:

Barbergirl28, I did it! After all it is only hair right. What do yoy think, Keep it or buzz it into a horseshoe flattop haircut.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 11, 2011:

@Susan - You seem to be able to pull off anything so I can't honestly say no. However, there are 2 different kinds of hair dye that you can go for... the permanent which will stay until it grows out. That won't be too bad for you because you cut your hair so often and so short. However, be warned if you don't plan on keeping the color it will have to grow out and will at one point reach that awkward phase where your normal color is on the bottom and you have red tips. But, I guess it depends on how red you plan on going. My hair has a red tint to it, but it isn't Santa color red. If you want to go a bright red (think Santa suit) I would do a temporary or demi-permanent hair color. Demi would wash out and fad as the hair grows and is washed.

If you do it I would love to see it!

susan54 on November 11, 2011:

barbergirl28, I thinking about coloring my flattop bright red for the holiday, yes or no. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading my hub!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 09, 2011:

@Kellymom - I have to say - you look absolutely stunning with a flat top. As a barber, I never really got much of an opportunity to do women's hair in the actual shop. It was actually frown upon because it was set up to be a place for men. The view was women have there place - the salon and men don't want to go get there hair cut and breath in all the fumes from perms and stuff. But, we did allow women if they insisted, but they didn't get any different treatment from the men. Needless to say, we didn't see them too often. I have had a few, but only one was actually a buzz cut. Those are definitely my favorite kinds to do. I think people underestimate the skill it takes for a good buzz cut.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the Barbering business!

kellymom1970 on November 09, 2011:

Barbergril28,VOTE UP, from a fellow barber. I just love giving womens military haircuts. If you come into my shop and you are a women your leaving buzzed.I have been a barber for over 20 years,I got my first flattop in barber school and have had one on and off ever since,as of now I wear a flattop for the past 3 years. My mom she 70 I have been giving her a flattop for over 11 years as of her birth a week ago, she now wears it a white 0 side and back 1/2" on the top,she just started that this past summer. I say good for her.

I love to see all of these flattop women around the internet.

I'm looking to read more from you

see you later

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 08, 2011:

@Susan - you got the motivation to get everybody going. I don't know if you will convince me. You know what they say... people who do the job often don't take care of it on themselves. I think the last time my hair has been cut was last December. Purely because I dont' have the patience and since we moved - I don't know anybody that I trust with it. That being said - a flat top is a very high maintenace cut and I don't know if I want to get my haircut that frequently. I hate getting my hair done. I know - sounds weird coming from someone who encourages everybody else to do the opposite! :) But, I care more about your hair than my own... maybe that is what makes me so good at my job! :)

susan54 on November 08, 2011:

Barbergirl28,I could see you in one after the wedding,Plus you are going to have one hot body mama!

susan54 on November 08, 2011:

Barbergirl28,Yes I am! I have been working on my daughters for a while now one said after 40 she will give it a try,and the other said at 35 she has a year and a half to go.Can't wait for that. I just love it so much on women, more should try it,One women at a time starts a trend. Thanks

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 08, 2011:

@Susan - The flat top conveys strength, courage and confidence. I think she is a beautiful person inside and out and getting a flat top would suit her well! :) Definitely has a great face shape for it. If I am thinking correctly - you are on a mission to get ever woman out there a flat top! Way to go! Keep up the good work! :)

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 08, 2011:

@Mary - It sure does sound like we have a bit in common. I am going to have to check out your review on The Surly Barber. I love the barbering industry. It is just so much fun. And feel free to link anything you would like. I appreiciate it!

susan54 on November 08, 2011:

Barbergirl28, I have following mary615,she is such a great writer. We have been back and forth about her getting a flattop don't you think she would be such a hot number with one. I told her you can never be to old. What do you think?

Mary Hyatt from Florida on November 08, 2011:

Hi, I have four daughters who are barbers! They all went to barber school. I have a friend who wrote a book called "The Surly Barber". I did a review and a Hub on it. May I link this Hub into mine? I really liked reading this one. Regards, Mary

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 07, 2011:

@Linda - I think that depends on how well you get along with your mother in law. It sounds like you guys have a great relationship. I think it would be a fun little thing for the holidays! Just don't wear matching shirts! :)

Linda1971 on November 07, 2011:

barbergirl28,What do you think about me and my mother in law getting the same flattop at christmas time. cool or not cool


Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 07, 2011:

@Linda - Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I am super glad that you found a place to get some advise that completely changed your life around. Enjoy your haircut on Thursday. And by the way - I absolutely love the look on you! It speaks model to me! :)

Linda1971 on November 07, 2011:

barbergril28, I thank you so much for the hair advise. I love the flattop cut so much. I am going thursday for a trim up. It's been round 11 day this will be my 3rd cut,It turned my love life around 300%. So thank you girls so much. I thinks for christmas I'm going to get a short buzzed flattop. My mother in law said she want the same flattop as mine. I not telling how short we are going I hope she like Susans flattop that what I'm thinking.Lol I love you guys you changed my life.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 07, 2011:

@Linda - Granny with a flat top - that means they are looking at you in awe! Jealous because they don't have the confidence to pull it off! Now shaved eyebrows - I still stand by the getting weird looks thing. I once burned mine off accidently. I got lots of weird looks - but maybe that was because I didn't draw them back on! LOL

susan54 on November 07, 2011:

barbergirl28,I think your right I will keep the eyebrows and wax them thinner. Thanks for the advise. As for the people probably look at me fuuny, that because I a granny with a military flattop.Lol

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 06, 2011:

@Susan - Glad you are still loving your flat top. And I can agree - you better get the sunscreen out and lather it on the top of your head. I have seen way too many guys come in with burnt scalps. That does not make for a very fun haircutting experience.

As for the eyebrows, I am not for the shaved off and drawn on look. I like regular eyebrows. However, you could see about getting them waxed a little thinner. This will help with 2 things. If you shave them off completely and you don't feel like doing your makeup, no one is going to look at you funny for not having eyebrows. And 2, you can still draw them on somewhat just to darken them. I can honestly say age has nothing to do with my opinion of the eyebrows - I just don't really care for the drawn on look. Hope that helps! :)

susan54 on November 06, 2011:

Barbergirl28, Well I can say my barber is still happy to cut my hair, back 2010 in June, Jill wanted to take my flattop very short well, horseshoe flattop short. That was a whole new experience.I thought, I look good out and about with a sundress on and big earrings, I did have to wear suntan lotion on the bald part of my head,that Texas sun will burn you and I don't like to cover my hair up.Well, Jill wet shaved my flattop again yesterday not a full horseshoe but full shave sides and back with bald landing strip. I think it looks even better now that I'm down 10 lbs and more fit.

I know I'm old enough to be your mom,but what do you think about shave eyebrows I'm think of shaving them and drawing them on, I am turning 55 soon. Do you think it will look ok with my flattop haircut. Thanks

My husband said I look like I am 40 when I ride in my Jeep with the top off.

Linda, Love the new flattop on you. So cool.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 04, 2011:

@Linda - that is awesome. If I am thinking correctly you updated the picture. If so - it looks great! You definitely have the look to pull it off. Glad you went shorter and glad you absolutely love it!

Linda1971 on November 03, 2011:

barbergirl28, Well I did it! I told the barber to take my flat top shorter today. I love it so much! My mother-in-law wants her hair like mine now. Good thing we get along Lol

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on October 31, 2011:

@Susan - glad to hear all the fun you had!! That is so cool! We might see a sudden movement of women getting flat tops. You might be starting a trend!

susan54 on October 31, 2011:

Barbergirl28, The hair, nails and the new body were a hit at the party.I went as a barber(lol) I think some husbands are begging their wives to go to the barbershop now!I had more men talking to me a the party,my husband was laughing at them all.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on October 31, 2011:

@LydieRVgirl - use that to your advantage and get crazy with it. Worse case scenario - it has to grow out! Glad you are enjoying the cuts. It seems there are so many out there that are loving the look!

LydieRVgirl from Pa in summer sebring fl winter on October 31, 2011:

Barbergirl28, She does owe me, LOL!!I think we are just some cazy old ladies. I'm so happy I did it becuase I love the look.I guess time will tell. Thanks, you are so cool!!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on October 31, 2011:

@LydieRVgirl - that is pretty cool that you have a whole group of you with flat tops. As for the landing strip, the wonderful thing about cutting hair is each cut is a work of art and is up to interpretation. If you want to do a landing strip, typically it is to the skin, but you could probably do a #1 on top or have them click the guard out so it is like stubble and not fully bald. The look truly is in the hands of the barber and your choice. Who knows - by winter you might just have that landing strip. Your friend owes you one for getting you into the flat top so now its her turn to pay you back with a landing strip! :)

LydieRVgirl from Pa in summer sebring fl winter on October 30, 2011:

barbergirl28, Thanks. Yes my hubby wears a flat top also. He want me to get a landing strip on top, so we can match. There is 4 of us with flat tops. My friend Mary and her husband,and me and mine husband we spend the winter together.Mary got me wearing a flat top because I was the odd one out. I told my husband if Mary will get a landing strip this winter I will too. I don't want a bald one. Do you think I can do a landing with a # 1 guard.Thanks

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on October 30, 2011:

@LydieRVgirl - I think that is so neat that you and your husband go to the same barber. I truly think barbers are great at their trait. Glad you guys are enjoying the flat tops. Does your husband get a flat top as well?

Have fun in Florida and stay warm! :)

LydieRVgirl from Pa in summer sebring fl winter on October 29, 2011:

barbergirl28, I just got my flat top trimmed up. The barber did such a great job.I told him to take it shorter on the sides and back #1, top still 1/2". The same barber did mine and my husbands. Leaving for the winter,Florida here we come. My husband jokes,he said a family that shaves together,stays together. We did tip the barber, very well.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on October 28, 2011:

@Susan - probably not. We moved about 10 months ago and I don't know too many females out here, much less those that aren't completely attached to their long hair, but if I find one... I will let you know!

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