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What Is the Best Deodorant?

For years I have been looking for a deodorant without aluminum and that doesn't irritate my skin. I think I have finally met my match!

Pit Problems

If you're here, you have probably had your own pit problems. The deodorants you've tried might have worked for a little while and then stopped. We all know how that goes. Or maybe they smelled really good, but didn't work at all! Well, let me tell you, I have searched high and low over the years and have exhausted the options. Are you still searching like I was? Keep reading, and you might just discover your new favorite (Hint: it isn't Secret).

Their Secret is aluminum. Icky!

Their Secret is aluminum. Icky!

Hunting for the Best

To me, the perfect deodorant doesn't have any weird or questionable ingredients, it works all day, doesn't leave a gross residue on clothes, doesn't cause rashes, and on top of all that, smells good. I used Secret growing up (ew, aluminum), tried Men's Degree (stops working, weird ingredients), tried those hippie salt sticks (nope), Tom's (works for about 2 hours), Old Spice (very manly smell, burns on freshly shaved pits), Schmidt's (baking soda causes rashes), and probably many others that I have tried to block out of my memory.

I am from Florida, which is hot and humid. And if you've ever been in the humidity, you know it makes you sweat like nobody's business. So my ultimate test for deodorant is going back to Florida and seeing if it actually works, which is what I did recently with the product below.


Each & Every Brand Deodorant

I decided to try a new brand called Each & Every, which I had never heard of until my recent online search. Over the past month of everyday use, I have been consistently impressed by this product!


  • Smells great
  • Creamy and hydrating
  • Doesn't stick to clothes after washing
  • Works all day (intense workout requires reapply—but a shower is preferred)
  • The only deodorant I've EVER tried that doesn't burn freshly shaved pits
  • Quality ingredients, nothing weird
  • Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan
  • No icky bacterial pimples or eczema rashes
  • Passed the Florida Humidity test on my recent trip home
  • Combats stress sweat (work is stressful, okay?)
  • Has a screw-on top, which I didn't even know I needed but is way better
  • There are many different scents (I tried Lavender and Lemon), and also an unscented one

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  • $15 is a lot to dish out for your armpits
  • The container is made of plastic (like every other deodorant)
  • Not organic
  • 2.5 ounces isn't a lot of product for the value (although it seems to be lasting)

Overall, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. I would say it is well worth it to avoid putting harsh ingredients into your body and not having to worry about being smelly or getting rashes!


A Cylinder of Happiness

I think I have finally found the best deodorant that fits my picky criteria AND smells good. I will definitely be buying more scents in the future (because who doesn't want to smell like Cedar & Vanilla?!) and I will update this post if the product ever stops working for me or if my cons list gets longer.

So what do you think? Are you planning to try it out? Do you have a different favorite? Share your thoughts below!

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© 2019 Rebecca Swafford

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