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Dollar Shave Club Review for Men and Women

Katy and her husband have been off and on users of Dollar Shave Club for years. Katy gives honest reviews of products to save you money.

Men have many options for disposable razors. Why can't women use a subscription service for their shaving needs too? Maybe you're already getting your man one, and you want to keep it simple and use the same product.

Let's go through the review and then discuss how their razors would work for women.

Dollar Shave Club Review

It's one of the best razor clubs out there, and it is what got me into razor subscription boxes. And although my husband and I tried others, like Harry's, we've gone back to them.

I reviewed the DSC subscription box on a scale of one to five, based on value, reliability, customer service/honesty, and quality so you can make the right decision for you.

Let's look at the details below.

The "Welcome Package" with razor handle.

The "Welcome Package" with razor handle.

Reliability: 5

I've never had a late box. I've also never been charged the wrong amount or had a box show up with something missing.

They have a long track record. I don't ever worry that they're going to screw up something.

Customer Service and Honesty: 5

Customer service and honesty are super important for a subscription service. You don't want to sign up for something that will charge you without you knowing or commits you to more than you realize.

Thankfully, DSC is stellar when it comes to their openness. It's easy to make changes to your subscription, and they're very clear about what you're paying for.

Quality: 4

While their products are solid, they've never wowed me with their quality.

Their Executive handle is sturdy and the five-blade razor certainly gets the job done. But it's really only a step above a typical disposable razor. For my husband's face, they last about two weeks when he shaves every other day. A quality razor will last a lot longer than that. You really do need constant refills to get a good shave.

Three blade options.

Three blade options.

Value: 4

I've always liked their products, but value got a less than perfect score from me. Why?

Two main reasons:

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  1. A disposable razor isn't the most cost-effective hair removal method
  2. The body/shave products are a bit overpriced

When we've canceled our subscription, it's because we've found a cheaper way to remove hair. You never need to replace a straight razor. DSC does get some frugal points in only swapping out the razor head and reusing the handle.

And let's not forget: part of the value of these products is the free shipping. The convenience of not having to go to the store and never running out of razors is pretty sweet. It's up to you whether that's worth the cost every month.

Bonus Rating—Quirkiness/Attitude: 5

Dollar Shave does stand apart with the quirkiness of their brand. I added this as a "bonus" rating because it's not a significant factor for me.

For me, it's simple: I give you money, you deliver refills for my razor. End of story.

But for someone who appreciates the "voice" of a brand, DSC knocks that out of the park. Their box is always masculine, modern looking, and filled with cute sayings. I'm certainly entertained as I rip open this month's box.

Does a Razor Subscription Box Work For Women?

Okay, you're signing up, but you're not sure whether the woman of the household should try it too.

Razors for Men vs Razors for Women

A razor is a razor, right?


There are differences between men and women's disposable razors you'll want to think about. Men's razors have a more aggressive angle to shave the thick hair on their scalps. Women with sensitive skin should be wary of men's razors. But if you're comfortable with an aggressive shave, then men's razors can be fine for legs.

A man's razor has a straighter handle while a woman's is typically curved. The curve lets you see the head of the razor as you shave.

For me, I enjoy the close shave of a man's razor and adjusted to the straighter handle.

Beware Cross-Contamination

If both of you are using a subscription, be sure to get your own handle, and keep them separate.

Our razors drift around the bathroom so much that we got them mixed. Not good for sanitary reasons or, "Hey, why is my brand new razor already dull, honey?" reasons.

The solution?

A big dollop of red nail polish on the end of my handle. Once dry, no amount of shower or sink is going to take that off.

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