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Arrid Extra Extra Dry Spray Deodorant Review

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Arrid Extra Extra Dry

If you're like me, you stumbled through your younger years randomly buying various deodorants, slapping 'em on, and hoping each worked better than the last, yet you were often covering your sweat-stains with jackets or other barriers.

Fear not, for no longer shall your clothes be stained with sweat—today we'll examine the several benefits of the powerful Arrid Extra Extra Dry spray deodorant. But first, let's quickly ensure you can make an informed decision about this product by having an understanding of the three basic kinds of deodorant.

You've got to love the residue-free application of gel deodorants.

You've got to love the residue-free application of gel deodorants.

Types of Deodorant

  • Stick - The most traditional type, stick deodorants protect adequately against wetness but sometimes leave behind an unwanted white-yellow residue.
  • Gel - Pictured above, an alternative to stick that leaves less residue and goes on in a semi-liquid state. My least favorite of the three, as it typically provides the lowest protection.
  • Spray - What we're about to cover with Arrid Extra Extra Dry. Spray deodorants can be slightly irritating to the nose at first, and must be stored carefully as they're flammable, but offer an effective residue-free shield against sweat.

Pros of Arrid


At the local Wal-Mart, the cans should cost about the same as other deodorant but come with a whopping 6 ounces (170 grams). Basically, you're getting more product for each dollar you spend.


If you go for the Extra Extra Dry, you're getting a 24.6 percentage of aluminum chloride, the active ingredient that actually reduces underarm wetness. Compared to most deodorant's 15-20%, it's easy to see that Arrid should diminish or eliminate wetness completely. And it does. While I've yet to find an all-powerful deodorant that banishes sweat without fail, Arrid consistently provides more protection for longer periods than traditional varieties.


While I've preferred spray deodorants ever since finding them, Arrid offers Extra Extra Dry in a stick variety for those so inclined. It also has several different options for aromas, including an unscented version.

Deodorant & Antiperspirant

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Here's a simple truth that a surprising number of people don't know: Deodorants don't reduce wetness. They only mask the odor with an aroma. Conversely, antiperspirants don't cover bad smells, but do reduce wetness.

If you want both effects (and hopefully that's a resounding yes), you either need to buy two products, or find one that acts as both. We're in luck here: Arrid serves each purpose.

Extra Extra Dry in an unscented stick variety

Extra Extra Dry in an unscented stick variety

Cons of Arrid


That's not to say that Extra Extra Dry smells bad, but were I shopping based purely on scent, this wouldn't be the brand I'd choose. The kind I see the most, Ultra Fresh, fails to please like the pleasing odors of Axe or Old Spice. It's a pretty mild scent, so one way or the other, you'll likely soon forget about it. Thankfully, other aromas, like Morning Fresh are available. While none of them ever match the pleasant smells of other deodorants, they at least offer alternatives. Still, these subtle scents may be favored by some; for everyone else, consider combining with stronger-smelling deodorant, cologne, or perfume.


Another minuscule factor, but right after I spray Arrid on, my nose itches for a few seconds. Obviously you don't want to directly inhale spray deodorant, but even just applying it to your armpits causes some residue to reach your nostrils. Again, it's a mild effect that should vanish momentarily.

Extra Extra Dry's Morning Clean scent

Extra Extra Dry's Morning Clean scent

Is Arrid Worth Your Time?

Arrid falters in a few minor areas, but has it where it counts. For most consumers, the two most important qualities—value and effectiveness—are where Arrid shines. As the strongest non-prescription deodorant I've found, it blocks sweat better and lasts longer. Use in tangent with other products to obtain these benefits and smell noticeably great.

I encourage all readers to experiment with different types of deodorant and find what they prefer. Some people don't need the increased protection of Extra Extra Dry and may favor the comfort of a gel deodorant. But for any who struggle with sweat stains, I highly recommend at least trying Arrid XX. Just remember not all deodorants will automatically block sweat too; Axe spray, for example, only functions as a deodorant and not as an antiperspirant.

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