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I'm a quirky wordsmith and all 'round lady of the quill from Australia with a penchant for cookery, geekery, history, beauty, dreaming and the finer things in life

I'm miniature in stature and outwardly timid in nature but inside I'm wise beyond my years and enthusiastically adventurous and interested in all things upon this fruitcake of a planet. 

I see humour in the absurd, embrace the unique and revel in the finer things in life.  

I've suffered from depression/anxiety for over a decade (my entire adult life and a good portion of my adolescent years).  Despite a myriad of appearances to the contrary, I have a damn good head on my shoulders and I intend to smash the naysayers to smithereens.



---  So follow me if you enjoy reading about technology (I'm a true geek at heart!), Apple products, internet advice, history, health & beauty, natural products, gift ideas, baking recipes (I've always been a frustrated chef, and I bake a mean cupcake!), Top 10 lists, organisation tips, travel, product reviews, the occasional bit of poetry, and all manner of topics that take my interest from time-to-time.  

I'll be sure to return the favour and check out your work too :D 


*Quills at the ready, fellow earthlings!*