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Kelly Kline Burnett

Jorney with GmaGoldie as she relives her childhood with the fun and frolic of Barbie dolls, relish in the regal splendor of holiday decorations from Hallween bears to Christmas decor both interior with nativities to exterior wreaths and much more. Expand your artistic horizons by reading one of her many hubs that celebrates some of the world best known artists. And for decadent glamour with a little bit of history sprinkled in, check out her comprehensive hubs that detail a few of the pieces of the Jackie Kennedy collection.

Once you have exhausted the decadance of toys, decorations and art, do spend a few moments on some of her health topics from the perils of too much sodium to how to be the very best volunteer at the hospital. All this and much more.

If you are so moved to venture forth more into health and fitness, check out her sister hub page called Easy Exercise where fitness posters and fitness tips are explored in extensive detail as only this prolific writer can address.

An avid reader and researcher you will see her many hubs are often comprehensive spanning over 1000 words, often with dozens of photographs - a delight to indulge the senses.

She and her husband reside just south east of Madison, Wisconsin.


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