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Dolores Monet

Dolores Monet has published short fiction under another name in literary magazines as well as in the children's magazine, Cricket. She also has a blog that features creative tips on how to live a fabulous life under reduced circumstances called sorta fabulous. You can check this out by clicking the gray icon on the right of the page.

In addition to writing, Dolores likes to garden, birdwatch, camp, read, make soap, and paint landscapes on salvaged cabinet doors.

She has worked as an assistant to an antiques dealer who specialized in Victorian antiques, and vintage clothing; as a personal assistant and gardener; lab assistant; and has been involved in several community organizations, serving as board  member and committee chair.

 Dolores has also appeared as a guest in Eye On Life Magazine and as a guest writer for  ArtisTreeCrafts.

Dolores features some of her short fiction here on Hubpages, including My Grandmother's Attic, Paradise Lost,  and Visiting the Forgotten Dead.